At the Feet of the Masters, By Marilynn Hughes

At the Feet of the Masters - It is said in many Religious Traditions that to sit at the foot of a Master for even a moment is worth more than a lifetime of learning through books or teachings.

                This is so because sitting in the presence of a Master has the ability to transform a soul from within energetically without any words being exchanged.

                Energetic exchange is the key to this understanding. Intellectual knowledge does not hold anywhere near the same capacity.

                At the mystical request of the late Huzur Maharaj Sawan Sing Ji, a Sikh Master and one of the Satsang Guru's, I am compiling a book with a very simple concept: to make it possible for every person around the world to experience the energetic presence of the Masters of all faiths and creeds: the Prophets, Saints, Mystics, Sages, Ascetics and Monks who hold within them the energetic key to our awakening. So sit quietly with me and a few of my very dear friends, and allow yourself to absorb that which they have become. In doing so, you will make that potential possible for yourself, as well.