Books of Terror: Evil Exists, it's Closer than you Think - The purpose of this journey is not to present a well balanced view of humanity, but to take you directly into the heart of only one aspect - the evil within. We make no apologies for this, as this is its sole purpose; to allow mankind to see that which lurks beneath hidden sin and thereby give everyone who dares to enter into these gates a second chance. What is this second chance? To see what sin looks like in its truth and allow another choice before it's too late for the remedy.                                                                                  

"The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary; men alone are quite capable of every wickedness."

Joseph Conrad: Under Western Eyes, Part II [12,000 Inspirational Quotations, Frank S. Mead] (Evil)

Books of Terror: Evil Exists, it's Closer than you Think, By Marilynn Hughes

"I usually consider my self a "toughy" but there were several moments where I was in tears while reading this book. When you realize that there is a mere veil separating you from this illusion and the truth of this world . . . it wakes you up. If not the first time. . . or the second . . . then maybe the third. And if this book does nothing for you but serve as a "good read" I can personally say, don't tread the waters lightly. Father [God] does not play games. I spoke to a friend and told her what she needed to do. She admitted that she was too afraid to see the true darkness inside of her . . . but the truth will set you free. Heed warning." - Antonio Herbert, Student, Minneapolis, MN

"Hi Marilynn, Just finished 'Books Of Terror'. Wow! This was not an easy read and I realize that was the whole point. Several times during reading I had to put the book down and just hit the floor and pray to the Lord for Mercy. Eye opener or what?! However dark and horrific it was though I was left afterwards with a good feeling. "Good" in the same way as if I had a really bad dream where I had been shown something about my deepest inner self, something really dark which had shocked and humbled me, but then later that morning whilst walking with the sun shining I felt blessed to have seen the truth so that I can confront the issue head on with strength and determination. Like peeling back the layers is so painful and shocking but equally liberating and empowering. It just made me want to fight!...(If that makes sense!) That is a piece of writing that will stay with me for years. Heartfelt Thanks, Neil." - Neil W., Reader, London, ENGLAND