Come to Wisdom's Door: How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience, By Marilynn Hughes

Come to Wisdom's Door: How to Have an Out-of-Body ExperienceEver wanted to have an Out-of-Body Experience? Finally, a comprehensive guide to having an Out-of-Body Experience by someone who has had thousands of them. Never before has the path been laid out in such an easy to understand and implement fashion.  Spiritual Seekers . . . this one's for you!

Ven a la Puerta de la Sabiduría: Cómo tener una Experiencia Fuera del Cuerpo! - Viaje Fuera del Cuerpo y Misticismo - Alguna vez has querido tener una Experiencia Fuera del Cuerpo?

Por fin, una guía completa para tener una Experiencia Fuera del Cuerpo escrita por alguien que ha tenido miles de ellas. Nadie antes ha sido el camino trazado de una manera tan fácil de entender e implementar. Buscadores espirituales…¡Este es para vosotros!

Come to Wisdom's Door: How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience, Audiobook on CD

"Last week when I was reading your book 'Come to Wisdom's Door'. I had an OBE naturally. I was not even trying. It happened naturally😀." - John Vebler, USA

"I had to let you know that I read "Come to Wisdom's Door," and wept. I realized that I have been pushing so hard that I've actually delayed the process. The book was beautifully written, and easy to understand, and has already had a profound affect on me." - Tracy Cherney, USA

"I love this book!" - Bill Tuck, Reader, Phelan, CA, USA

"Marilynn, I just finished reading Come to Wisdoms Door, just as you find it hard to fully describe your OBE experiences I too am at a loss for words to describe how that book as affected me. I have never read anything so amazing. You have probably heard that so many times before but I just had to tell again. I know you can't be truly happy till you're on the other side permanently. Know this Marilynn, this world which will never fully appreciate your contribution to humanity or the sacrifices you made . . . will be a much sadder place when you're gone. I really don't know you well, but I know when you're gone I will feel a deep and profound loss." - Dan, Reader, Minneapolis, MN, USA

"I’ve already read ‘Come to Wisdom’s Door, which I completely inhaled – and I’m still reading ‘The Mysteries of the Redemption.’ May I just say, ‘WOW! Thank you, again, for sharing. You are truly a testament to God’s perfection. I feel honored, yet humbled, to have been led to your website. I feel so much love as I read your experiences., and at times, moved to tears; even laughter. My love for God and all that is divine has grown by reading Mysteries; it has given me the knowing that this is His plan – for all who read your words to love Him and know His love. I only wish I was able to devote longer periods of time to reading, as I feel so at peace and in the light when I do. I have never felt so much of His love when reading ‘The Bible' . . . it’s just so difficult to understand and relate to.” – Yami, Reader, Fort Lauderdale, FL USA

"Hello Marilynn, Thank you for you welcome and book recommendations. I have just finished reading "Come to Wisdom’s Door: How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience." An incredible read I must say; which did resonate many times within my being- on multiple levels. I will begin to read the next book tomorrow night. As one who has an innate hunger for knowledge, I know there to be much gained from your writings and experiences. Thank you for compiling these writing's, I look forward to communicating with you further. Much Love, Ryan.” – Ryan Maclean, Reader, Perth, AUSTRALIA

"I have started to read 'Come to Wisdoms Door', so I must say that this book is incredible. It is not only very well written but it speaks to the reader with such clarity that it is understood by all. I'm eager to continue reading your book, it is truly amazing!!!" - Joshua Kaltenmark, Student, Boulder, CO

"BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT!!!!!!!! I've been thinking about your book all day ---it's so beautifully and clearly written, like a perfect little melody you can't get out of your head. I love how you weave the Buddhist concepts in amongst the Christian ones and it is so instructional about how to go into silence and what to do when you are there. This is GREAT! It feels almost like a different voice than the past that possible?” - Anonymous

“It seems you remain continuous solid spiritual beacon in my life. Again and again I return to you and your mentioned principles as my main reference point in regard to the spiritual realms.

My many thanks to you! Infinite blessings. 

Thus I got back to you. I listened to your book Come to Wisdom's Door: How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience,’and found myself making all the mistakes that you fundamentally address.

I know its vanity, but I feel I know I could be (or perhaps was) effective in entering the astral planes consciously and carrying out my Godly mission on a higher and more meaningful level.

I am childishly impatient to sit around on in this earthly realm doing nothing significant. I am overzealous, vain and impatient. Once again, you showed me which way to go. Thank you. 

I should pray and meditate on my own to seek God as my main goal. 

I really feel great affection gratitude and love towards you as my teacher. I'll try to slow down, humble myself and not to force anything serving my own desires. Thank you. Marilynn” - Peter Komaroni, HUNGARY

"Hi Marilynn, my name is Juan. I just received some of your books on out of body experiences . . . I was reading 'Come to Wisdoms Door: How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience' and it was very moving. My question is do you have a book that actually gives you step by step instructions on how to leave your body. I'm new at this and need all the help you can give me. I'm learning how to meditate but most of the time I fall asleep. I also have a course on astral projection that I bought on line . . . that cost me around $250.00 but that was not successful. After that i was very dissapointed, but when I saw your website, I was glad to see that someone had the knowledge you have about the spiritual world. You have given me a new perspective on this. I saw your prep video and I bought all the things you said. My room is now like a sanctuary. I have the holy water, rosary, incense, spiritual and holy artifacts like pictures, crosses etc. I am a very spiritual man but I am still growing. Each day I ask God for strengh and patience. It's very hard to be humble when you have all this evil and chaos around you. Like you said when your on the spiritual path evil tries to throw you off of it. Marilynn you are a very special lady and I hope with the Lord's help and yours I can accomplish this beautiful experience someday. I hope you can help me. God bless you and your family. I was sad to hear of your illness and I hope god keeps you here longer to be with your family and to fulfill his plan. Thanks, your friend, Juan Marrero

P.S. After I have done the prep and I lay down and say a prayer what comes next? I hope one of your books shows me this. I have 'Come to Wisdom's Door: How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience,' 'Out-of-Body Experiences: What You Need to Know', 'Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism: A Primer on the Basics of Out-of-Body Experiences and Energetic Law in Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism.' I glanced through these books and did not see direct instruction on how to leave my body. Thanks again and I hope I can meet you someday in person if not here in the world!” - Juan Marerro, Pembroke, FL, USA

Response from Marilynn Hughes- "Hi Juan, great to hear from you. What comes next will be a series of steps. Keep reading through those How-To Books, it is not one simple step; but many, many steps that lead to full mystical experience. You can also download 'The Frequency of Otara: The Call of the Angels to Out-of-Body Travel' CD which was given to me by the angels and many readers report that really accellerating their path. You also need to be reading 'The Mysteries of the Redemption: A Treatise on Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism' while you are doing the How-To's. You will see that each of these How-To's is cultivating a spiritual practice, spiritual knowledge and further depth . . . so after you are finished with these (the books you already mentioned you have), move onto 'The Hammer of Mysticism: An Encyclopedic Journey into Out-of-Body Travel, Mystical Processes and Terms,' 'The Fragrance of the Mystical Rose: The Revelation of the Out-of-Body Travel Celestial Mysteries from the Enclosed Garden of God . . . ' etc. (They are listed in the order you should follow them.) But the Out-of-Body Travel Books also help to make changes in your frequency which allow the experience to eventually happen. Many of my readers have had experiences just from reading 'The Mysteries of the Redemption: A Treatise on Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism' and the other Out-of-Body Travel Books, so add that, as well. What you will find is that every one of those how to books is going to take you deeper, be patient. The quick techniques don't always work, as you have found out. It is the patient, diligent practice which yields the most fruit. If you need more of those books, you can always download them for free here. And thank you for your kind wishes, I'm doing really well. God has been very good to me . . . fifteen years later, now. Smiles, Marilynn"

"I read the first book that you recommended (Come to Wisdom's Door: How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience) and have read some of the other material on your website. It sounds like the way to achieve 'out of body experiences/travel' is simply by meditating for a long period of time until we consciously connect with our most inner/higher self or soul. We have to shed all our lower/earthly thoughts and consciousness first. As your teachings and Swedenborg's have implied, a person must raise their consciousness to a high enough vibrational state in order to connect with and be in the company of divinity. We all have the ability to achieve  'out of body travel,' unfortunately most of us do not know how to access that part of our brain/consciousness, but it is in there. I completely agree with that first book that I read by you!!!!! Such amazing stuff!!!!! I love how you describe yourself as a 'Spiritual Scientist' The world is definitely lacking them, lol. I have noticed that there are a lot of people in the world today and from the past that were earthly, religiously and scientifically intelligent. However, they were not necessarily spiritually intelligent or gifted. Spiritually intelligent people are few and far between." - Justin Lang, Vancouver, CANADA

"I am re-reading Come to Wisdom's Door. Seems like I discover something different in the text every time I read it!" - Lance Hale, Kentucky, USA

"I have purchased your book ‘Come to Wisdom's Door: How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience'. I have followed your work for some time after seeing you in ’The Road to Armageddon: A Spiritual Documentary.’ . . . 
I have been on a spiritual path most of my life and also Traditional Catholic. I feel it is the right time for me to see about the next step on the stairway. Thanks for being a warrior out there. I so appreciate what you do." - Lian Lunson

"Excellent book. I read it, and I continue to pick it up and study it." - Ruth Velasco, Frederick, MD, USA