Dialogues with a Mystic II, By Marilynn Hughes

DIALOGUES WITH A MYSTIC II - “(In an out of body experience) I was in a mystical realm at a forge that feels like it is very important, very significant.

I think either Marilynn or Odyssey is with me but they are both observing and guiding this process I am performing. It seems that I am in a forge, and am about to forge something of significance to my soul.

The skies do not look Earthly but mystical; filled with fiery colors, billowy clouds and we are on an extracted platform of rock. We are floating in ‘air’, or whatever ether we are in. There is no one else around, and there are floating rock edifices but nothing else.

Hammering away at the first large chunk of rock; the fire from the forge is very, very hot. I am pouring in sweat; hammering, chipping and sculpting away at this iron type slab of rock. This place is like a combination of an ironsmith’s forge and a sculptor. I heat up my tools and hammer and chip and chisel away at the rock for hours and hours and hours.

The shape of a man begins to appear. I continue hammering and sculpting until I get a finished form of ‘me’. This form of me was hidden in the rock and through all the stresses and forces, has now emerged.

Then I am given another slab of iron type rock and repeat the lengthy process again. Marilynn is still watching, guiding . . .

Continuing to work on the second slab of iron rock just like the first, I am pouring out sweat and I feel like I have been forging and sculpting for hours upon end. I do not tire, nor get exhausted; I just keep hammering and sculpting, striving to reveal the second form of me contained within this iron slab of rock.

Another human form appears, and I continue to labor to reveal this second form of ‘me’ that is different, and yet even better than the first form. I am very pleased with what I have created; no . . .  forged, sculpted, released. I have a very strong impression that these two forms of me represent past lives. Not necessarily two distinct past lives but two important stages of ‘being’ that I had achieved in these two past lives.

A huge pane of glass appears before us now, perhaps stained glass. I’m not sure because of the colors and swirls in the skies all around us. It may have been there all along and I never noticed. Or or it was off to the side, I don’t know. But it is there now . . . after I finished sculpting out the second form.

Telekinetically, I raise both sculpted forms of me into the air, both in their respective pristine state. While  making an overhead throwing gesture with my hands and arms, both forms fly through the glass, shattering it into innumerable pieces and shards both forms fly into the ether before us and disappear.

I am surprised by my intuitive act but also very pleased. Intuitively, I have the strong impression that this signifies that I have now moved and evolved into the next level of ‘me’. I am now beginning to forge and sculpt another ‘better’ or ‘greater’ version of me.

Marilynn is very content but still says nothing.” -  Seeker

“Seeker’s experiences show beautifully the sequence of events we must go through in order for us to become a vessel of Almighty God. This is the purification path all must take if you have committed yourself for the service of God. As you can see in Dialogues with a Mystic II, our spiritual awakening is never being meant to easy. It is in the sweat and struggle that we become capable of discovering, little by little, what is hidden within us - our highest destiny placed by God Almighty.

In her spiritual counseling sessions, author, Marilynn Hughes, teaches each of her clients these things. Placing them back upon their Holy Path, she gently guides individuals teaching them to operate in the mystical and on the ground. 

I would like to recommend all readers consider receiving this selfless service of ‘Spiritual Counseling’ that Marilynn offers at her main website at www.outofbodytravel.org. She’s brought so many souls back to God, including myself. And I know this is the ultimate gift one can offer in the serve of God. Marilynn is a gift from God for all of us.

 Dialogues with a Mystic II is a great reminder for us all that purification is never ending process. With humility and knowing our place, we can move forward each day, hoping for that joyous return to Our Father when our time is up here on earth. Let us all do so with our chin up, and make him proud for what we are willing to accomplish in His Holy Name.” - Mari Magdalena NAgasaki CA, USA

"I have had the privilege and honor to read Marilynn's new book, Dialogues with a Mystic II.  The format of student "Padawan"  and teacher "Master Jedi" puts the reader comfortably relating on a very personal and intimate way to the student.  I could actually feel myself being energetically altered as I read this wonderful book. But this also occurs whenever I read any of Marilynn's books. The alteration has remained.  Covering in a direct but loving way a deep and penetrating examination of the sin of lust, and many other eternal truths, the reader naturally opens their heart to an examination of consciousness. The Padawan's mystical experiences also demonstrate the never ending battle between good and evil.  We need to join together with Marilynn and her Padawan to fight this very difficult but crucial spiritual battle to save our souls and those of the fallen.  When I finished the book I felt that even I, a mortal sinner, might possibly obtain salvation through our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. This book is a wonderful gift from God through Mariliynn and her Padawan.  May they both received innumerable blessings from God for this work." - Andrew Hughes, Fountain Hills, AZ, USA