Evergreen: The Autobiography of a Mystic - In botany, an evergreen is a plant that has its leaves in every season – spring, summer, fall and winter. Most deciduous trees shed their leaves to compensate for harsh conditions in the fall and winter, but an evergreen is ever living, ever blooming, no matter the circumstance.

            Evergreen – that’s what the mystic is called to be. Through trouble, suffering, pain and all manner of evil, we must produce fruit for the Lord. Every moment, everything grievous or joyous, every manner of living is to be fruitful in the life of a mystic. Our lives are meant to be EVERGREEN.

Evergreen: The Autobiography of a Mystic, By Marilynn Hughes

"Once I started on this I couldn't stop, and read it straight through in two sittings. Hard to find the right words... Inspiring, at many times Desperately Sad, Uplifting, Brave, Profoundly Moving. You truly do have an incredible story to tell. Thank you for sharing it with us all. With Much Love and the Deepest Respect, Your Friend, Neil." - Neil Wodicka, Reader, London, UK

"I love it. It moved me. I could feel the presence of God in your writing. Well done! I cried while I read it, a good cry for Christ because reading this gave me insight into just as the apostles didn't realize that God was with them." - Rita Loniason, Reader, Fort Collins, CO, USA 

"Marilynn, Just finished reading it. Thank you very much. I was so moved and you are really changing my life. It helped me to reflect at my life from bigger perspective: Those most painful experiences of our lives teaches us the best. Is this the only way? I think so. The sooner the better, so the sooner you may begin to live. Are you really ready to pick up your cross?I think so, .... Love Greg" - Greg, Reader, USA

"I stopped the mysteries for a couple of days and read your Evergreen....and Oh as I read I could relate to the entire book....so very similar to my life struggles (except the nde/obe's). A lot of things you have learn to discern, I learned to discern, accept and forgive as well with my family and myself. I cried in almost every page of your book." - Adriana, Reader, Youtube Channel Subscriber