Forgotten Mystics in World Religions: Lesser Known Out-of-Body Experiences, By Marilynn Hughes

Forgotten Mystics in World Religions: Lesser Known Out-of-Body Experiences -  presents a fascinating path in the study of Mysticism and Out-of-Body Travel.

In my studies, I have found that there are a great deal of Forgotten Mystics and thus, Out-of-Body Experiences, in many religious traditions whose work was powerful, meaningful, vibrant and eternal. It seems unfortunate and definitely at odds with the will of the God that such works be lost in our time when such great effort was made during theirs to bring their individual Out-of-Body Travel revelations to light. So we’ve decided to feature Forgotten Mystics and Out-of-Body Travelers, some of whom are less forgotten than others, but all of whom have fallen out of the public limelight despite the fantastic and profound messages they were sent to receive and give to the rest of us through Out-of-Body Experiences.

"Rosicrucian Writings (speaking of Pensatia) always of interest. Out of body travel occurs naturally . . . refresh me on the "Rosy" perspective!‘" - Mo Brann, Javanese Mysticism Scholar,

"Thank you for this document. I am interested in Mystics and OBEs." - Julies Roberto,