Galactica: A Treatise on Death, Dying and the Afterlife - Continuing the journey begun in The Mysteries of the Redemption: A Treatise on Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism, the author takes you on an out-of-body journey into the worlds of the galactic heavens, the worlds beyond death. Traveling the road of terminal illness, you'll follow the footsteps of a soul preparing for death, learn from those who have already crossed over, and witness the after-death experience of a soul as she leaves this world. Opening the door to the ancestors, you will meet those who have gone before, hear their stories, be amazed at their watchful care over the current generation, and see how they live in the world beyond.  Perhaps the most important thing you will discover in GALACTICA: A Treatise on Death, Dying and the Afterlife, is the true purpose and meaning of this life, and what is required of each one of us to fulfill the purpose of our incarnation. Having created paintings and music of that which she's seen and heard while out-of-body (available separately), the author demonstrates a grand panorama of the worlds beyond our own and the infinite meaning which underlies human existence.

Galactica: A Treatise on Death, Dying and the Afterlife, By Marilynn Hughes

"You know what? There is something with your text that was made apparent to me long ago, but I didn't know how to explain it. I don't know if other people have this experience but it wouldn't surprise me if they did. I will first tell you what it is and then explain a potential theory. I say a potential theory and a part of me wonders if there is a difference between a potential and possible theory, I don't know that there is though. Since potentiality, I think, resides in the realm of possibility. So, while I read your text especially in ‘Galactica: A Treatise on Death, Dying and the Afterlife,’ I actually experience your visions pseudo-vividly as though I were there. What I mean, is that while I am reading the text, a part of me can see what you experienced and this inculcates in me, your reader, both astonishment and awe at the cosmic realities of your visions! I know this sounds real brainy, but I am writing to say thank you more than anything else. This is a very thick thank you but I want you to explicitly see the detailed fruits of your labor from my very humbled and futile human perspective. Please do respond how you see fit! My theory is that since we are all one, you are me, and I am you, who is in Christ, that the more one creates mortifications, the more vicariously we experience and soak in our studies. Such is the notion of planting seeds. This always happens at some level, either seeds of light, or seeds of darkness which effect a soul either short term, long term, immediately, or across lifetimes of purificatory rites. I speak for my soul alone. It doesn't take but a subtle action for God to create big change in our life.” – Antonio Herbert, Reader, FL, USA

"I started reading 'Galactica: A Treatise on Death, Dying and the Afterlife' this morning and spent the better part of the day with it and as I read on my heart, soul, spirit fell into a peace and a good place. So I thank for your writing and I know you don't remember but several years ago the Lord told you i should read it and i never did. How dumb is that? But I started today and my spirit was healed to a large degree and I am serious . . . HEALED TO A LARGE DEGREE . . . so I thank you for your hard work. The only other writing that has ever had that ability for me is the Word." - Daniel Delmer, Pittsburgh, PA, USA