Medicine Woman within a Dream: Book 3 of the Mysteries of the Redemption: A Treatise on Out of Body Travel and Mysticism  Series - In MEDICINE WOMEN WITHIN A DREAM, you will meet the spirit of a great Native American Chief who teaches the author about the mysteries of evolution and the nature of light and dark energies within our realm. Along the way, you will meet the Medicine Women from Throughout the Ages and the Old Ones, who teach her to alter reality from the standpoint of energy and the many amazing ways in which the eternal assists those of us encased in flesh to accomplish the goals of our existence in this world.

                Each of these books not only gives practical guidance on how to achieve the out-of-body experience, but each volume expands further on achieving higher states and handling the many situations that you come across when traveling out-of-body.

                Join with me as we enter now the Alteration Pathway, the Knowledge of Darkness and Light, the Rites into the Medicine . . .

Medicine Woman within a Dream, By Marilynn Hughes