Michael Jackson's Afterlife Experiences: A Trilogy in One Volume, By Marilynn Hughes

Michael Jackson's Afterlife Experiences: A Trilogy in One Volume


Sherry Jagneaux, Church Point, LA - "I want the world to know that Marilyn's trilogy about Michael Jackson's Afterlife - is phenomenal - I've always followed Marilyn on radio interviews and have learned so much from her!" 

Mari Tang, San Francisco, CA, USA - "This is really good book . . . because I was able to get to know him . . . the true him." 

Karen Marie Oakley-Young, Reader, US - "Thinking of you today Marilynn. I've been immersing myself in your audiobook on Michael, although I did have a once, even twice through already. I'm still picking up on things I missed before or even more likely...I just want to hear you describe particular moments. Especially when Jesus shows up...I can't tell you how my very soul responds to those moments. I am forever grateful I was led by theSpirit to your window. Through your experiences, I'm able to reclaim a part of my being that is truly the essence of my existence. I thought I lost her or she was hiding for so long. Thank you for helping me bring her/me home & guiding me onward toward the most beautiful Love I will ever know, that of God the Father and Jesus the Son. God Bless you always & forever Marilynn. Much love, your friend, Karen Marie."

Uma Ganesh, Dubai, UAE - "I just finished reading your books on Micheal Jackson. They are beautiful the way you have put it. Keep up the good work loved your book." 

Sharon Pollack, Reader, Westlake Village, CA, USA - "Thank you Marilynn. It's been interesting to explore this site - there's alot here. I loved your books about Michael Jackson's transition. They very much resonated with me because I, like you, did not think much about Michael except to love his music, before his death. After he passed over I was suddenly very drawn to everything about him, and the more I learned about the man, the more I developed profound admiration and respect for him. Clearly when he passed, the love that was in him was spread throughout humanity because many people felt the same way- even those who already knew him. He was a great teacher and I feel blessed to have been on the planet the same time period that he was. Your experience with him was simply amazing. Thanks so much for making your information available at no cost to others who are seeking. I look forward to getting to know more through your writing."

Carol Le, Reader, Jacksonville, FL, USA - "OH please pardon me, I didn't realize it was you, Marilynn, responding! Well then, I have one point I want to bring up to you because it is interesting I let you know.  I am reading MICHAEL JACKSON's spiritual story, (Michael Jackson: The Afterlife Experiences in Three Volumes) and I am blown away by it.  I also had dreamed of MICHAEL JACKSON three weeks after he passed away, and when I read your story of his spiritual self; it just put me in AWE the connection.  It now makes sense what was going on in the dream when I met him. Wow, is all I can say. Thank you for the story. I kind of understand more fully now . . . just finished reading Michael Jackson's story, finished whole thing in 2 days. I finally have light bulbs going out.  ll these years, i have had galactic dreams interacting with weird, out of the box phenomenon and I never really knew what the heck was going on. Last night, I made so many connections with this or things I saw in dreams. Music realms, I love it!!!!! I also was in dreams where I listened to really beautiful music, and I just can't remember enough to put it down in music.  I was in Bosnia two months ago, and I in the dream was SINGING OPERA!!!! (I don't sing in real life), to these hundreds of souls in the dream where the graveyards are (if you visit BOSNIA, they are all over the country). And I remember knowing that my singing was to help them cross over. Michael Jackson, in my dream, appeared to be very softspoken at the time and just . . . sad. I hugged him in the dream.  After reading your book, I finally understand really what was going on. THANK YOU! I love your material! :)))))))) Can't wait to read the rest."

Nalini Chandra, Reader, Sacramento, CA, USA - "Hello Marilynn, I am a very spiritual and although I am not Christian per se, I do believe in Christ and his teachings. I actually came to know about you and this site when I was reading about the Michael Jackson/Dr. Murray prelim trial that is occurring. Somehow, in my searches to learn more, I got linked up to this site-seems like I was meant to find it! Anyhow, I plan on reading your books on the afterlife of Michael Jackson as I try to understand him as a human being and the fascinating and mysterious spiritual journey his soul went on during this lifetime. I feel we all have lessons to learn about our own spiritual journeys and making sense of the good and the bad events in our current life. I feel that through examining and therefore understanding why God took Michael on the journey he went on during his life and after his life ended, will help me (and many others) to understand their own journey better. Thank you for inviting us into your world Marilynn and opening our eyes to the bigger picture."

Laura House, Reader, USA - "Hi Marilynn. I just finished reading the Michael Jackson books. What amazing experiences! I think you're wonderful. Thanks for all you do."

Kris Brown, Reader, Desert Hot Springs, CA, USA - "Dear Marilynn, I just "happened" to come across your website and your news of Michael's visitation on the anniversary of his death was SO consoling to me. There hasn't been a day that I have not cried over his passing. He (was) is a remarkable person, a gentle soul and truly loved by millions. When he died, there seemed to be a hole in my heart which still has not healed. I didn't even know him but I felt like I had lost a dear friend. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your message with those of us who still wish for Michael the best that eternity can offer. Please, when he visits you again, give him a hug and a kiss from an admiring fan. My whole room is filled with his posters. That is as close as I can get to him presently. His messages over the years have really influenced me and the way I see life. If only others would heed the same. Thank you so much! In between tears of sadness on his parting to tears of joy knowing that he is where he belongs, in heaven surrounded by angels and God, I read your book with so much emotion flowing from my soul. I am a true believer in life after death and the afterlife is just another realm. You told your story with so much love, so much understanding, so much admiration for Michael and what he had to endure here on earth, sadly, from those who either misunderstood him or from those who were out to destroy him. Either way, Michael has what he deserves, despite the fact that millions of his loving fans just wish for just one more song, one more glimpse of his face, one more sold out concert to watch. I cannot wait to read the next book you have written. I had better get the Kleenex out. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING; TELL MICHAEL THAT I MISS HIM AND I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW HIM. WITH MUCH SINCERITY AND THANKS."

Mimi, Reader, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA - "Hi Marilynn! I've downloaded your three books some time ago, but only now I finally finished reading everything. They're just wonderful, thank you for sharing this magnificent experience with us. I love Michael very much and I'm so happy to see how he's free of all the things that used to bother him, and now he's in a great spiritual plane. I wish all the fans to be free of the grief they feel over his passing, because when they're all free Michael's spirit will be more relieved. I wish him the best and that God keep increasing the light in him more and more. May he have wonderful journeys in spirit! Hope someday, when my time comes, I'll get to meet him! God bless you too! Keep strong with your mission, it's a beautiful path that you're fulfilling!"

Veronica Leon, Reader, VENEZUELA - "Dear Marilynn, First of all, I want to thank you from the heart for all the wonderful spiritual lessons you are giving to people through your books, your website, your CD's and all your work. As a Christian I can clearly see God have chosen you for a special mission. I am Verónica León, I live in Venezuela, I am a Christian (I try to follow Jesus) but I am not a fanatic. I am open to spiritual experience. I love Michael Jackson and Wolfang Amadeus Mozart. That was my introduction . . . I have read the three books you wrote about Michael Jackson. I feel you are a spiritual master, that have studied a lot, and that you are a privileged soul that has been chosen for a reason . . . The other thing I love very much from your writing is the extraordinary beauty for the descriptions of your experiences . . . and how humble you are! I especially loved the part about the Padre Pio. I have been praying to Jesus for having a spiritual experience with all that wonderful world that exists in the afterlife . . . I believe the fact that I read your books is not a coincidence . . . Thanks a lot from the heart. God bless you Marilynn. From now on, I will be ´praying for your health. Verónica"

Billy Jean Jackson, Reader, Anonymous Location, US - "I read your books and am amazed. I would like you to help me on the spiritual journey"

Gisela Conte, Reader, Valencia, Edo Corabobo, VENEZUELA - "Marilynn, I finally finished Michael Jackson: The Afterlife Experiences III and I loved it so much. All your three books are wonderful but this one with the confessions was for me the most important of all in the way I felt it. Finally he decides to be transparent about himself and his feelings and all those things that always were so mysterious for the whole world . . . as he was always a very private person. Though I grew up with his music being his same age, I never was a fan of his but always liked his talent and music, but that was all I knew mostly from him. I could only hear from far away, all the tabloid news that from time to time reached the media in my country. But the moment I just discovered the wonderful human being that Michael was, was right in the moment of his death where I was so struck and shocked as if he was a dear friend . . . or family member. I grieved and grieved for months and I had no idea how could that be possible. I couldn't find the answer or a logical explanation. The only thing I know is somehow he touched the inner fibers of my being since his passing and the more and more I learned about him, I realized he really had his gift from God. As he always said, he was a sweet, gentle, humble person; a kind you don't find around so often anymore. He was a gift for Humanity himself.. and many of us didnt realized it when he was alive. In this book, I smiled several times . . . but also was tearful while reading . . . when he was honest accepting his part of guilt regarding his marriage to Lisa Marie . . . the guilt feelings with his mother when he was so dazzled by Diana Ross . . . his deep interior feelings regarding his own sexuality But above all he showed all of us his inner self; that he was a human being with his own insecurities and faults . . . as anyone . . . but with a HUGE child heart that gave LOVE to the world. That's why I always thought when I saw his movie or watched his videos that he had a light shinging from him. I saw 'This is It' thirteen times and every time I went mostly alone to the movies. I felt it was a date with him. I smiled and sang during the movie and cried every single time I went to see it. I want to thank you Marilynn for having accepted his desire to put things straight and this way to let us all know his feelings. And thanks to you for accept helping him to make his journey higher in Heaven. He deserves to be near the LIGHT because he was a LIGHT here while we had him (and many of us didn't know). Sometimes I still cry . . . I have to confess it. But deep in my heart I know he is now happy and FREE of all the hurts he suffered while here on Earth. There won't be another like him ever and we have to be thankful for having lived the same time as he did. Thank you Marilynn . . . Much Love."

Lily Stardust, Reader, Los Gatos, CA, US - "I want to thank you for your three beautiful books about your encounters with Michael Jackson. I really relished them. I was equally delighted to see that you had another recent visit with him as I hadn't expected more, and hadn't looked at your web site for many weeks. It was such a nice surprise. That I enjoyed your books and recent Michael Jackson post very much."

Pat Scott, Reader, Mckinleyville, CA, USA - "FABULOUS, WORK WELL DONE, MARILYNN. I just finished reading MJIII and was very touched. I took my time and savored every word. I am so thrilled that Michael is now happy and at peace, knowing his music, estate and legacy is as he wanted it to be - thanks to his family and all involved with doing that. I know from reading his books that his music really did come from God. It consumed him during the night when he should have been sleeping. MJ was so handsome in his 20's. He would have been very beautifully handsome as he aged in his natural state without the Vitiligo and surgeries. But I do think that the Vitiligo helped connect his race to the white race because of the association of his white skin because of the disease. But it wasn't only because of his condition, it was his music also that helped the races find common ground. Loved the morphing between you two - hilarious!!! I can so understand Michael choosing the door of Chosenlessness. Choosing a completely solitary life of meditation and service to Christ. After all what he had been through in his physical life, he deserves a new life of tranquility, love and bliss, which is all healing for his soul. I loved your experience with Michael's grandfather. That is very unique. The depiction of Michael being like a kite in letting go makes it easier to let go. It feels like freedom, for Michael Jackson into the higher heavenly realms, to you even though you loved being with him, and to us which gives us a sense of knowing that he is in excellent care and all of the worldly matters are left to the living. MANY, MANY THANKS FOR ALL THAT YOU DO, AND ALSO, GOD BLESS MICHAEL JACKSON AND YOU! Many Blessings in Love and Light, Pat ;^)*"

Marianna Maliszewska, Reader, Vancouver, CA - "I have just finished reading your three books on Michael Jackson . . . I am not fan of reading it on my computer, so it took me a while, but I am glad that I did! As I have said to you before, your journey with him was amazing, and everything he shared with you. Also, ever since the day of 25th June, 2010 . . . I have also been feeling shift in energies. When that day arrived, I felt just exactly what you said in your book, that Michael could not stay with us forever, his soul must continue on its own journey, and I also felt it was coming.Many things you have shared with us, his confessions and revelations made so much sense to me. As you and he confirmed what I have been feeling about him, and also some of his comments on his creative process, how it is a lot of work, and people think things just happen, but it is not true! I know what he is describing as well, and you too! Also, his comments on his own sexuality, (pardon me, if I intrude here, but I only wanted to add another dimension to it, without being too intrusive, as I respect his privacy) What always dawned on me is that I saw Michael rather 'Androgynous', someone who embraced the male and female and merged into one being. When I think of his sensitivity (which I think it's a rather female characteristic) and his strong paternal instincts to nurture the child, his need to 'heal the world', the nurturer he was to many nations (the starving people in Africa, the sick and disadvantaged children - he catered to them, too) ... these are female qualities, but they were present in Michael. Anyhoo, thank you for this book. I feel like I was on my own journey with him in the last year, but now feel much stronger, as I reflected within myself through Michael. I strongly agree that what draws people to him is the presence of Divinity, as he tried to live life close to Christ, and this is also what originally attracted me to him. But, we are all on our own life journey's and it's important to live our own life. Thank you Marilynn for being here and being available for us. Every week I am having some breakthrough in my astral travel. I had some amazing dreams again, I even wondered if I was connected with previous lifetime, as it seems like that . . . like I was rehearsing my last death in a car accident. It's too long of a story to write here . . . I did record in my journal. All I am saying is that I feel I am making some breakthroughs."

Anne Denton, Reader, Canterbury Kent, UK - "I downloaded this book and read it in an hour. I couldn't put it down. It was an experience to hold in my heart. Thank you Marilyn.I know now that he is finally at peace. Love Anne x."

Janet, Reader, Calleo, MO, USA - "I just finished it. I can't stop crying (Michael Jackson: The Afterlife Experiences III - The Confessions of Michael Jackson) - you are very strong Marilynn! I hsope you told Michael thank you for me. I have also purchased all three of this series for my collection."

Suzy Q, Reader, USA - "Once again I was anxious for the third book to be released. (Michael Jackson: The Afterlife Experiences III - The Confessions of Michael Jackson) I ordered it immediately AND downloaded it and read it. I must say, this was the best book written, by far. Certain parts of the book had me sobbing. Sobbing for many reasons. Sobbing because of the truth that was written - truth about the human condition and sobbing because I truly began to realize how Michael's life and heart were so misunderstood. Marilynn, this book is yet another blessing! Thank you so much for having such spiritual insight and also thank you for the devotion you have shown to Michael and to his cause! Near the end of the book when you begin to describe the inevitable - his moving forward - I felt so good about this process, mostly because I was so happy that he had someone like you to assist him. Finally someone to really be there for them - at the most important stage of his life/death! Your words were expressed with such honest and pure love. What an amazing gift has just been given to all of us!"

Karen Lund, Reader, USA - "Your books about Michael have been of such incredible importance to me. Although I am often brought to tears, I am comforted to know that he is ok."

Donna M. Liotta, Reader, Clifton Park, NY, USA - " I just love the Michael Jackson afterlife series. They're very comforting, thank you for sharing. Hope we see more in the future."

Kathleen Roulston, Reader, Dunedin, NEW ZEALAND - "I've just finished reading the downloaded version of Michael Jackson's Afterlife Experiences (III) I must say I was ......WOW.......just blown away by the whole experience. Thank you, Marilynn, what an amazing journey you had with Michael. I shall be rereading it many times over no doubt."

Michelle Duccheim, Reader, Spring Hill, FL, USA - "Beautiful book, what a gift! Marilynn, I read the whole thing today, as mentioned, and it was wonderful. (Michael Jackson: The Afterlife Experiences III - The Confessions of Michael Jackson) There is no reason for you to have felt worried about writing this book. All that is shown is the beauty of confession. This book reveals Michael's will to face up to his errors in life, to admit them, and his wish to soothe any hurt he may have caused through them. It's beautiful, and an example to everyone that we all must look into our hearts often to see what there is and face the need for change when there is that need in order to be more like God. No one should have any fear of this, or admitting openly their errors when realized. In fact, if it were more often done, and more accepted to do, so many more people would examine their shortcomings and then share what they have learned, and inspire others to do the same."

Jamie Bradley, Reader, Beverly Hills, CA - "Just finished the third book, Marilynn. Thank you. I found this book to be the best of the three! (Michael Jackson: The Afterlife Experiences III - The Confessions of Michael Jackson) Thanks so much for your time, talent and relaying the message in truth."

Andrea Saxton, Reader, Facebook - "Marilynn, thank you for sharing your ebook 'Michael Jackson: The Afterlife Experiences III - The Confessions of Michael Jackson'. I loved every moment reading this, it is very captivating. I enjoyed much of his music while he was in physical form, like you though not a fan, but I have learned to appreciate what he tried to do for us all, and succeeded as far as I am concerned. Thank you so much, I now have the knowledge of the 16th dimension confirmed. May you have abundances of whatever you need. Much love to you, Andrea xx"

Susan Elizabeth Shand, Reader, Dunedin, NEW ZEALAND - "Thank you Marilynn. You have had an amazing journey with Michael. I downloaded this book yesterday and read it in an hour ;-) I will go back and read it lots more times."

Suzanne, Reader, Squaw Valley, CA, USA - "I downloaded it and read in an hour, lol. Ordering the book now . . . Pretty amazing. I have been rejoicing all day for him. I am so thankful he chose to share these experiences with us. This past year has been quite a whirlwind, learning so many new things. For some reason, his death was a HUGE wake-up call for me. This was by far the best of the three books. (Michael Jackson: The Afterlife Experiences III - The Confessions of Michael Jackson) Reading about all of his learning experiences, I almost felt as if I was going through it with him. The book gives me hope that I might be able to overcome my own vices, hopefully in this life. He is such an inspiration to me. (never thought I would here myself say that). Marilynn, I felt the same way as you did when "Thriller" came out, it scared me and I didn't understand why he would want to to something like that. Felt the same way when "Ghost" video came out. One of the things that really struck a chord with me was when he put the blindfold on and said "this is how most people that are in the world see". I don't want to be one of those people, and that is something that has changed within me since his death. I never gave it a thought when he was alive, that he really never had anyone to reach out to, and most Christians shunned him after the trial. I can't imagine how that must have felt. It's not just me; he has changed a lot of lives. I have read of many stories of people who had never been fans, but Michael's death has affected them and set them on a spiritual path as well. One thing that I have learned from all of this is that Michael wasn't just "The Man in The Mirror;" Michael was the mirror. We won't see the light in Michael, if we do not recognize it in ourselves. You won't decode the message unless you know what you are looking for or understand what you're looking at. You have to resonate. You won't get Michael's invitation unless you understand that "WE are the world" and YOU are the chosen one. He can't do it by himself (Cry lyrics). Thank you Marilyn for all of your hard work, and please tell Michael I said thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will never forget him."

Antonio Herbert, Reader, St. Peter, MN, USA - "Michael Jackson had problems that I struggle with, too. My honor and love for Jesus Christ holds me fast. When I meditate on Our Lord and what he endured on the cross, it hurts and keeps me in line . . . So now THANK YOU, Marilynn, for watching and writing . . ."

Angie Collins, Reader and Interfaith Minister, Knoxville, TN, USA - "I just finished reading the e-book and you know I was really moved by it. The things you saw and experienced with Michael are some of the same things that I experienced with him also - Janet and doing her hair and the way they all used to play and sing and laugh . . . and I realize that he has been 'interviewing' candidates to (write) his book. I remember when MJ came to me in a dream via a message that he wanted delivered to a dear friend of his and it was then that my interview was over, just because of my comfort level in dealing with his book and what the public may say. Anyway, I just wanted to say that it was a great read, you got it right and you did him justice. He chose you for your honesty, compassion, and experiences. Not to mention, you were not a fan. Good Work!"

Linda, Reader, Huntsville, AL, USA – “Since I have read your books about Michael . . . he sings to me almost everyday . . .”

Andrea Harris, Reader, Manchester, UK - "I have downloaded the e-book and read it twice. (Michael Jackson: The Afterlife Experiences III - The Confessions of Michael Jackson) What an interesting journey you have had with Michael. I have enjoyed all three books. Thank you. I feel now, I understand Michael Jackson more as a person. I know where he is coming from. I have a spiritual connection with him and I am never going to lose that connection. I feel his work on the other side, will be with children and animals. He still has not lost that true divine love for them. I know what my job is now on this earth. Michael Jackson has been an inspiration to people in many ways. I understand that some Michael Jackson fans are still caught up in their grief. It is great that fans want to keep his legacy alive, but Michael Jackson would want them to do something for themselves, to make a difference for mother earth. I'm doing my bit tohelp mother. My path is connected with environmental issues."

Rati Manjari Van Sijll, Reader, Amsterdam, Noord Holland, NETHERLANDS - "Thank you for doing the work you do, very extraordinary. I have been reading the earlier books on MJ and been mesmerized by the content. It is fascinating that you have been in contact with him after his passing and have received such meaningful information. Thank you for your contributions, they have helped me (a fan since 10 yrs old, now 46) feel more at peace with the way things went for him. I spent my whole morning reading the Confessions book and found many interesting things in them. For example, how he cautioned you not to overspend with your children as a compensation for the troubled relationship they have with their father. That was such a sweet and friend-like thing to bring up. Yes, Michael is a sweet soul and although I never met him personally, he has been and will continue to be a great shelter to me throughout my life. As he said to you, remember the music. You and I may have to let him go esotherically but we still can listen to his music and, as he also said to you, everything can be remembered. So we can wonder about everything wonderful that occurred between the two of you and in that way, remain connected and inspired. At least, that is how I feel it to be now. I hope that despite your physical difficulties, you are living peacefully and that you know that you are making a wonderful contribution by writing these books (and making them available for free on the line as well. That is so sweet of you!) I was wondering, did you send this information to Mother Katherine and Lisa Marie Presley as well? Bless you and lots of love." .” (From Author: I have not out of respect to their personal religious views. Because the books are easily found online, it is my hope that if they are meant to receive these messages that they will find them. But I don't wish to intrude upon their privacy or personal religious beliefs. Mother Katherine is a devout Jehovah's Witness, and may not wish to read them. As for Lisa Marie Presley, I don't honestly know what her views on such matters might be.)

Jean Galliano, Reader, Philadelphia, PA - "I just finished reading your book about Michael Jackson. I am truly moved, thank you. I always loved Michael and missed him so when he left. I struggled with my personal feelings about him and wished I could have taken any one of those journeys. I knew he would be, but needed assurance that he was really okay. I know he was gift from God to all of us and reading about the reception of his fans on the other-side was truly touching."

Donna, Reader, Clifton Park, NY, USA – “I have both the books you wrote on Michael Jackson. I treasure them. I'm hoping to be able to read more in the future. The books are very comforting, as his passing as been difficult. Thank you and please let me know if future books will be available.” (From Author: Please ‘Register with the Website’ to stay up to date on any potential future releases . . . .)

Brenda Jenkyns, Reader, Calgary, Alberta, CA – “Thank you so much for the beautiful book about Michael. Like you, I was not really a fan when he was alive, but when he died I felt like I had lost my best friend. Since then I have learned so much about him . . . I only discovered your books on Amazon last night, ordered both of the Michael Jackson ones and have read the ebook. What a great way to let people read your books but also be able to buy them to support you and have them in hard copy. Thank you for having the courage to follow your path.”

Suzy, Reader, UNITED STATES - "I just finished the second book you wrote about Michael Jackson's Afterlife and I found yet even more comfort in its message. It was as if all that you wrote and the many simple, profound messages that Michael Jackson wants the world to know have always been here for us, just more intensified now that he has crossed over. I feel a great sense of relief for him knowing that he is with Christ - I knew it! Thank you again for shining a bright light for all of us and for sharing such a beautiful message for which we can build our own spiritual path! Your website and books have brought me a lot of joy and helped me back onto my own spiritual journey. You are such a blessing!”

Lynn Saldhana, Reader, Henderson, NV, USA - "I've just come to know of your books with MJ! Kudos to you! Yeay! He's been very accessible since passing, and just a joy in light to experience! I am so happy to see your books here offered to the general public on his behalf!"

Julie Wright, Puyallup, WA, USA – “Having just completed ‘Michael Jackson: The Afterlife Experiences II, I can say that in a (smaller) way, I can relate to Michael, his success, pain and vices. For myself, I could relate and took time to pause and reflect on the messages conveyed to Marilynn. I’m going through something similar, although on a much smaller scale. I thought success in life was all about how much money I earned per year. Forget my family or anything of value as work came first. I was humbled with a quick change of positions that caused me to take a step back and reflect deeply. I know change could not have happened any other way with the path I’m on now. This is a blessing, but it’s also been life changing for me. Marilynn, you are truly working and conveying messages from the afterlife. Your books are the most powerful, thought provoking I’ve ever read. You are a blessing to us all! Thank you, Julie”

Eti Rihanna, Reader, INDONESIA - "Professor Marilynn, I just finished reading the e-book of ‘Michael Jackson: The Afterlife Experiences II - Michael Jackson’s American Dream to Heal the World.’ Excited ... touched ... also in a few parts I have 'personal' feelings ... it felt great! :) Ohh ... I am so happy that you and Michael Jackson have such a special relationship and it's sooo beautiful. I imagine that both of you feel undescribable happiness. However, on the end of the book when saying good bye to Michael Jackson until you both meet again, you wrote that it might be soon for you to join him. Do you mean, your time is coming soon or ... maybe there is another task for you to work with Michael Jackson? That's a bit sad for me … Are there many people like you (who have special mission on Earth to safe the lost souls) around the world? On several occasions during my last week meditation, when I remembered you ... your gift ... your knowledge ... your task ... and your sickness, suddenly I wanted to cry how grateful I am to know you. Your dedication and love to God and to help those lost souls find the Light, really inspire me! I'll do the same ... but for those who are still alive. Oooch ... please stay for a while, don't go too soon. Michael Jackson had a strong message to spread love in our hearts for children in order to heal the world (I myself love children) ... my Dad used to put a curriculum in his school a lesson called: Character Building despite Religion Class. The basic lesson is to obey God's rules, own love within our heart and then spread love to others, animals and nature. But when he passed away the lesson also gone. What Michael Jackson said (in your book) in his speech at Oxford University and Carnegie Hall is really true! One of my dreams is to have center houses where orphans, unfortune kids, abused children and women (mentally & physically) feel loved and heal themselves ... and move on with much better self esteem and confidence also stand tall to face the world with big love in their hearts. One of the reasons the world is in chaos (nature and humanity) is because there is too much hatred, anger, greed, jealousy, etc. Most of all, we lack love. I think ... our earth is "too tired" with all those negative thoughts and emotions of human minds ... Professor Marilynn, Happy New Year 2010 ... and I want you to know that I love you soooo much! By the way, I am Muslim but believe in Jesus. Thank you and Lots of love ...” (Answer from Marilynn: As to my time of death or whether Michael Jackson and I will work again together, I honestly don’t yet know. He did seem to imply that my time could be nearing, but with such matters one never knows. And yes, there are not only others like me who do this kind of work but heavenly hosts who descend from heaven to do the same.)

Pat Scott, Reader, Mckinleyville, CA, USA - 'Michael Jackson: The Afterlife Experiences' is absolutely beautiful - and sometimes bitter sweet. Much about him resonates with what I have read about him. The "diamond" pumps remind me of the pumps that Dorothy (Diana Ross) wore in "The Wiz". Diddy's quote (from a Michael Jackson mag.) "Michael Jackson showed me that you can actually see the beat. He made the music come to life!! He made me believe in magic. I will miss him!" He helped so many people on this Earth and now helping others from a higher realm. Do you think that Michael will pay visits to you and to his family and close friends? ("I do. He visited me last night. I have no doubt he visits family and friends." From Author) It is so heart-felt that he is with Jesus . . . You truly had a very special relationship with Michael, and with Jesus. You are very fortunate, for sure, and blessed. Many thanks for all your hard and dedicated work on this and for all you do. I so hope Michael's family and close friends and others will have a chance to read this, hopefully, with an open mind, which will give them great comfort. It is a Blessing that Michael chose you for being his scribe. Well, in fact, a real Blessing that all those amazing divine, highly-evolved Beings that you scribe for are all Divine Miracles and Blessings beyond comprehension. It is so amazing to me. You are truly a Divine Lightworker living and working in both the Spirit World and our physical world, and it is so very much appreciated by so many of us readers."

Billy Bob Beamer, Coast to Coast AM Listener and Reader - "Your book on Michael Jackson is astonishing. I could--and have--identified with his pain, and trauma. Though I was not a fan either, I recognized his genius, and all creativity comes from Source (God). I am a fan of Miles Davis--being a trumpeter of jazz, and further-out music, and professional weekend musician for 30 years, and Miles Davis stated that Michael Jackson is a genius; So did Quincy Jones...These guys don't lie. Your book is spellbinding, for your intense work, and expression, and sharing. I, for one, am indebted. There is so much I would love to sit and talk about...especially my OWN journey to the same place of ancient texts. I think the world will always think artists are crazy...but we do "sound the depths & go down into them"...and that is an intensity, as you wrote, that takes a toll...reflecting life... many, many blessings and thanks for your inspirational work. Excellent! Brilliant in fact . . ."

Anvo, Reader, JAPAN - "I'm too excited about your latest release: MICHAEL JACKSON: THE AFTERLIFE EXPERIENCES‏! I can't wait to get home to read it tonight!!!! (Later) I have read Michael Jackson: The Afterlife Experiences. It is is a marvelous work!! Thanks for being such a powerful tool in the hand of our Lord and Saviour Jesus! The book was a mind-opening to me in the sense that, (I have to confess) although I did like Michael Jackson's songs, I didn't like the singer himself because of his extravagant spending, lifestyle, and the so and so endless controversy about him and his family. I could not see him as a messenger. I was extremely surprised by the fact that Jesus gave you his permission to write a book on Michael Jackson. . . But I realize at the same time how huge and immeasurable is the Love of Jesus! This another proof that His Love for us really transcends our human conceptions, religions, and beliefs.!! This comforts me. "Just do as I ask, and it will. . . . make sense." And it did make sense indeed!! Frankly, the book changed positively the way I look at him now. It's a bit too late to realize that but it's okay. I will catch up!! (laughing)"

Martha M, Reader, Ambler, PA, USA - "Dear Marilynn, First, thank you for sharing your uplifting experiences with the world. You are a true blessing from God. I have always been emotionally and spiritually sensitive, and I always felt a spiritual connection to Michael Jackson since childhood - I am a year older than he. I began pulling away from Michael when I went through a bitter divorce in the late '80's and custody battle in the early '90's. I realize now that listening to Michael's music pained me by reminding me of my innocent and "naive" past. Anyway, I went back to school and received an advanced professional degree. When Michael went through his troubles, I never really believed he could hurt a kid, but I had become pretty cynical about many things overall. I didn't understand the change in his appearance, because I always thought he had an other-worldly beauty. I remember feeling those changes reflected his unhappiness, which made me sad. I was so relieved when he was found not guilty of the molestation charges, but I was also upset that he didn't protect himself better from the world; after all, I had learned how to, why couldn't he? When he died, I felt nothing for a few hours, until I got out an old CD, and then watched some coverage on TV. I didn't stop crying for 2 days. I cried every day for over 2 months and still cry sometimes. The spiritual lessons have been such a gift to me. I feel humbled before God. I believe Michael was sent from God to help people like me to get our work done to the best of our ability. I also learned how easily led I am, and how judgmental I can be. I use to pride myself on NOT having these qualities! Understand I have had many other epiphanies, but don't need to go on and on right now. Your blog & book confirmed what my spirit already sensed. I would like to tell others on a couple of groups I belong to about your book. They can accept or reject it, but I pray they'll find the comfort and inspiration I did. Love and Peace, Martha"

Tony Costa, Reader, Oceana, CA, USA - "Your insight and understanding of what you see is a real gift. I was very moved by what you posted and will continue to look for the blessed wisdom He has given you to share with us. I'm so glad Michael has other spirits with him to celebrate his transition and help guide him on his continued journey. Although I was at peace with his passing, my concern is his grief stricken family, and the future welfare of his children. Let us remember them all in our prayers. I never saw how profound Michael was in his lyrics. Thank you so much for sharing that, it really made my day, and laid to rest concerns I once had for his soul."

Rosalyn, Reader, Schaumburg, IL, USA - "That was quite beautiful...Rather than comment on Michael Jackson, except to send him love and blessings as he continues on his soul's journey, (and I know he is in good hands)... I want to let you know, that hearing about this experience you had with him, offers a teaching to me about what matters in life...and how easy it is to put the material world in first place instead of concentrating on these essential soul issues of love, compassion, etc...At least for me, this has been my experience...Eternal life, changes that perspective. While we are in the physical body, the glitter, glamour is so seductive...after we pass to the next dimension, we are left only with our soul's understandings...By keeping me/us so much more aware of this, through your writings and shared experiences like this, I hope to gather more strength to focus on my eternal soul's quest...since that's where I'm going to end up and all this other stuff that I've focused so much on, passes away. It's because you are confirming that this is true, that it is so powerful. Thank you for your comments. I have been "sitting" with your words, allowing them to sink in. I guess I didn't fully comprehend that it was God who reached out to him .in a way that he would be able to hear. As I write this, these words don't seem to do this concept justice as this process is really energetic and profound, but I just wanted you to know, that I learned from what you said. Thank you. With much gratitude."

April, Reader, USA - "This is such profound information and a great lesson for life... Wow. Thank you for sharing, Marilynn."

Laitaxi, Reader, Singapore, SINGAPORE - "Marilynn, thanks for the Michael Jackson Lyrics. From the lyrics, one can see Michael Jackson's message and positive evolution. Yes, he has 'lessons' to share with us. He calls it 'theology.' Last but not least, thanks for the elucidating share with us."

Tom, Reader, Wilmington, DE, USA - "Thank You Marilynn for sharing!! You are One of the Messenger's from God /Creator!!!! May You & Your's be Blessed through Life's Journey!! We and All in Spirit World Thank You!!"

Mark Anielski, College Professor, Alberta, Edmonton, CANADA - "I am already scanning part of the PDF book. It is a wonderful work. Looking forward to digging in soon. You are too cool I'm smiling with joy for you and Michael!"

David Shouse, Jr., Reader, Shelbyville, KY, USA - "I Love all you folks! Many thanks and many blessings unto you all!"

Michael Lighten, Reader, Evansville, IN, USA - "Waiting in bated breath for the Michael Jackson book . . . Your website and books have encouraged me to no end. God Bless you all."

Wyndra, Reader, California, USA - "I'm so happy to be following this. I can't help but feel Michael's passion in all his songs and what a spiritual being he really was or is. Can you tell me how long until we get to read some of the writings you're working on. I am getting really anxious. I wake up at night and think about how cool the work you have been chosen to do is. I would love to have your job!!!! Woke up this morning, turned on the computer to check to see if there were any updates on the wonderful travels of Marilynn (the highlight of my day). I so understand seeming like you have everything from the outside and feeling the pain of separation from the inside. I remember Michael was asked in an interview if he could have one wish what would it be. His response was just to be able to go out in public and be among people and hear what people talk about."

Cynthia Hill, Reader, Ontario, CANADA - "Hi Marilyn, how wonderful that God has given you this opportunity. Please keep posting. I grew up on his music and again (I posted earlier), we have lost a great performer, but I know he is fine there, and when he passed I asked God to send him Angels and guides to help him through the transition, and make sure he went to the light so he wouldn't end up wandering. I am so glad you saw him this way. Blessings, Cynthia"

Tina, Reader, San Diego, CA, USA - "Wow!!!!! Your experience helps tremendously...Fantastic!!! Thank You!!!!! He was a great performer, perfect in every note and everything else that goes along with it. Now he is at his real home with God. Thank you for sharing your vision, it must be extraordinary to experience it . . . What a beautiful analogy. Wow, something to think about often. You are also like that turquoise - A special gift from God that enhances spiritual life to us all. God Bless You. It's comforting to know that he is progressing and that you may get to know the outcome. I believe his humbleness was and is his true nature, so nice that you were able to experience it. I guess the afterlife time frame is different than our time. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary inspiring experiences."

Mars, Pasadena, CA, USA - "I did not see this coming at all, but how cool! This is so perfect. I cannot wait to buy it and hold it in my hands. I'm so excited that you're experiencing this. It's like a secret right now, but just wait. "On a carpet of stars..." Man, I love that! This is going to be such an exciting journey and I feel we all have front seats. Cool. You are so prolific, Marilynn. I have to hand it to you because I know you have health challenges and it has to be hard to keep up your energy sometimes. So I applaud you."

Pat Scott, McKinleyville, CA, USA - "Many thanks again, Marilynn, for such wonderful news about Michael's state of peace and your writing a book with him. I am so delighted and can hardly wait to read it!!! There were many people who felt the same way "why were they chosen to write". Other authors have written books with deceased famous people . . . i.e. "Across the Universe with John Lennon" by Linda Keen . . . I love the picture Michael has chosen for the book. I absolutely love the heartfelt picture of the angel with golden wings embarrassing Michael - such a precious depiction of what I'm sure he experienced in the Spirit World. Now I have a better understanding of the purgatorial experiences. It all makes sense. It is so amazing how we get so sidetracked from our beingness of love, which is our true self. Our minds create everything else whereas our hearts create the love and is a vessel through which love flows. I can hardly wait to read your upcoming book written with Michael Jackson. I feel it will be an eye-opener to say the least! Many Blessings with Love."

Jesperthia Noelle, Reader, Montreal, CANADA - "Would really LOVE to read the book about MICHAEL JACKSON!"

Varsha Ramanna, Reader, Bangalore, INDIA – “Thank you for the welcome message and also for the links suggested for reading. I have read some parts of the Michael Jackson Afterlife Experiences and have yet to complete it. The experience I go through while reading it is something which cannot be explained through words. It is a very divine feeling. I am so glad for being a part of this community and since we are all in lead here, it is a great sign from God and we are lucky to be destined to be in here . . .”

Jodie Hartt, Baton Rouge, LA, USA - "Thank you for sharing this . . . My Godfather . . . had a direct connection with Michael Jackson and his family.. Thank you again."

JUNE 25, 2010, FIRST ANNIVERSARY OF MICHAEL JACKSONS DEATH - Michael Jackson came back to visit on the night before the anniversary of his death for the first time since he had to leave at the culmination of Michael Jackson III. It was a heartfelt reunion, we hugged each other a long time. He was smiling and very happy . . . very quiet, too. He just took my hands and looked at me for a while and we were both happy to see each other again.

"Please tell everyone I said hello on my anniversary." Smiling, he had come prepared to enjoy the honor given by his fans by wearing red sequins as if planning to enjoy the party. And the following night, the day of his anniversary, he came to show me several things which he wished me to share with all of you. 

Approaching his tomb in the mystical realms, his body was laid out for display. Wanting me to take pictures of many things, I held a camera and prepared to do so. Taking a picture of his body, it was surprisingly dressed in a light colored red, rather than the white which I had expected. And his body was in perfect condition. But this was in the mystical realms . . . symbols. The color seemed to possibly be a symbol of a certain kind of martyrdom. 

Somebody was nearby and watching him, a black man. Michael desperately wanted me to notice him, claiming he was a former manager who was no longer looking out for his best interests. "This man is pushy and out to ruin me." But he never told me who he was. A essence of something evil was around this person, something was really off . . . it was really potentially damaging to the family. "There's somebody around my family . . . a manager, trying to capitalize but not interested in my heart" He said. He asked me to go look at the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, an Ancient Egyptian text.

"Yet, beware, the serpent still liveth, in a place that is open, at times, to the world. Unseen they walk among thee . . . again as time passes onward, shall they take the semblance of men." The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Doreal

Seeing a huge release of albums, there were piles of produced and designed CD cases containing the huge amount of music that Michael had written but not released during his lifetime. It appeared I was seeing them as they would be released over time. He wished me to take a picture of that, too. So I did. 

Katherine, Michael's mother, stood over her son's body and held him. He asked me to take a picture of his mother holding him, and I did. 

Quietly, Michael stepped out of his body in the spirit no longer wearing red. He was wearing the robe of a monk, a simple brown robe. 

"I would like to invite you to come with me to the monastery," he said, "the monastery where I am currently studying." Instantly, we were there. Michael and the other all male monks had given me a quiet cell where I could 'stay the night,' but I could feel how imperative it would be for me to leave by morning because this was a holy place of stillness, silence, quiet and peace. I didn't wish to interrupt or interfere with the work of the monks that Michael had joined. 

Michael left me alone in the room where I made myself comfortable and felt really strongly that I should not stay very long, but I was required to stay the night. 

Suddenly, groups of people began showing up . . . fans . . . and they were invading the quiet and peace of the monastery. Somebody had taken up shop at the entryway accepting admission fees to get into the monastery. When they came in, I realized that my cell had been chosen for its proximity to the mystical entrance to this abode and I immediately confronted the many groups who were all of a sudden converging on this holy place. "What are you doing here?" I asked. "The same thing you are doing here," they said, "We want to see Michael Jackson." 

Looking at them oddly, I said, "I was invited and this is a place for seclusion and quiet, this is not a place for fans to visit." Shooing them away, I was shocked by what felt to be such an invasion and blasphemy of a holy place.

After they were gone, Michael came out and began talking with me. "People want these journeys, but just to check me out . . . that's not what this journey is about." Agreeing, I was still a little bit in shock that these energies were able to intrude the sphere of the holy monastery. And I understood that part of the reason I'd been invited was to protect Michael and the monks from the onslaught which was expected to come on the anniversary of his death. So I now understood that there was purpose in me having been invited this particular night and my discomfort ceased.

Michael and I then began speaking throughout the night of many things. "I've learned to lean on God about my former vanities," he said, "and this is helping me to overcome this aspect of myself." Michael then began showing me how as he exhibited different emotions, various brilliant colors would appear around him inside his auric field. "I have also learned how to properly and with sanctity make use of all my emotions in a Godly way." 

Quietly, he said to me, "Marilynn, please tell them to leave me alone now, and let me water my soul . . . " I nodded, I understood. "Let me show you something," Michael said, as he took my hand and walked me over to his cell. Outside his cell door was something difficult to explain because it was ethereal and yet unfinished. At the same time it was stunningly beautiful. "I water a beautiful chapel just outside my door. It is 78% grown now, the chapel within which represents my soul." I looked at the ethereal chapel which was growing like a plant or a tree and I was in awe. "Wow," was all I could say. "When I am finished, I will go onto my next trainings." Michael said. 

"I want to dedicate something to Maya Angelou." He said. Confused, I said, "Okay, what?" "I'll just dedicate something unseen from my spirit to her, I've seen her spirit since I've been gone and I honor it even more now than I did while living."

"Oh, another thing," he said, "I'm learning more about meditation in the monastery. And I've learned that some people really don't quite get it naturally. Tell them they really have to work at it. I know you've already told them that, but they are not hearing this well enough. You really have to work at the meditation, I've learned so much from the monks here at the monastery on how to truly meditate." "I will tell them that, Michael." I said. "You're right, it's a hard thing to teach others, it's a discipline which has to come from within . . . and it takes a lot of effort and great amounts of concentration and time." 

"Look over there," Michael said, pointing to another older monk, "He was a Protestant Pastor during life, he's trying to write down everything he's learning here." 

Smiling, Michael suddenly said, "I have a gift for you." Before I could respond, an angel appeared standing in front of us; a large white one with huge wings and a white robe. Michael said, "You really nailed the new CD's," he said, as I realized that he was in part behind the inspiration to make the latest Chant CD's we were releasing. And the angel replied, "God is really happy about them." And then they both disappeared.

"A seeming paradox is contained in the words brought from the future of infinity's end. The Torch Bearer of Insupportable Brightness is the beginning and the end of all things, for as all things proceeded forth from it, so in the end they must return to it, thus completing the circle. In the Torch Bearer the eventual is conceived, thus the plan is known to the direct emanation . . . " The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Doreal