Miraculous Images: Photographs Containing God's Fingerprints, By Marilynn Hughes

Miraculous Images: Photographs Containing God's Fingerprints - Amazing photographs taken from all over the world showing blatant miraculous phenomenon. A picture speaks 10,000 words and this book is filled with full color portrayals of the miraculous and that which is inspired by the divine. Join us, if you will . . . Miraculous Images, Illuminated Manuscripts, Tree of Life, Apparitions of Mary and Jesus, Statues that Cry Tears of Oil and Blood, Eucharistic Miracles, Stigmatists, Visions of the Soul Leaving the Body, Visions of Heaven and the Afterlife, The Incorruptibles.

"I came across a recommendation on the A.R.E site for your book 'The Mysteries of the Redemption: A Treatise on Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism.' I am listening to it from Audible.com. I have also downloaded a couple other books of yours and am currently reading them. My main reason for sending you this message is I was looking over your other books, and the book Miraculos Images caught my attention. The cover photo is a photo my mother had received from someone many years ago. At the time I was a teenager and was completely taken by the photo. Absolutely beautiful. The photo did not come with much information but I held onto it. About seven years ago I had this image tattooed on my upper back. So many people are intrigued by the beautiful image of this angel on my back. At the time I was going through some very difficult struggles in my life. An angel "having my back" was a good reminder I am not alone. I ordered the Miraculos Images book (Miraculous Images: Photograph's Containing God's Fingerprints). Coming across this on your site confirms to me that what you have to teach is what I need to learn. Thank you. I am looking forward to this journey.” - Kathy Machnik, Eau Claire, WI, US