The Mystery of the Key to Heaven, By Marilynn Hughes

The Mystery of the Key to Heaven This is the story of a young girl whose mother has died. Returning to her in a hailstorm of light for night passage, the mother takes her daughter on a journey to find the Key to Heaven. Traveling to the Dead Sea, she meets with the prophets of old to pick up pieces of this key before she meets the one who holds the final key, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Mystery of the Key to Heaven Audiobook CD

"Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Immediately felt a strong kindred connection - aligned affinities. Much healing has come about after tuning into your work and it's high frequencies. I've enjoyed Come to Wisdom's Door, and continue to enjoy the energies of The Mysteries of the Redemption, Galactica, Out of Body Experiences and Books of Terror. My 5-month old son Devdan and I have finished reading The Mystery of the Key to Heaven and are excited to embark on our next set of children's titles from you. Thank you for all that you are and do. You and your family are in my prayers and meditations." - Sandra Jayne Belen, Reader, Viroque, WI, USA

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