Practices, Prayer, Ritual, Liturgy, Sacraments and Theology in the Catholic Church: An Overview, By Marilynn Hughes

Practices, Prayer, Ritual, Liturgy, Sacraments and Theology in the Catholic Church: An Overview The Catholic and Christian Faith is so deep and rich that it’s hard to wrap your mind around it. For those interested in getting an overview of the Catholic Faith, you’ll learn about the Early Church Fathers, Apostolic Canons, The Holy Mass, Liturgy, Sacraments, Prayers and Devotions, Cardinal and Theological Virtues, Mortal and Venial Sin, the Doctrine of Purgatory and the many Theologies of the Church (Moral, Mystical, Ascetical, Dogmatic). This book gives you an overview and insight into a subject otherwise only understood through lengthy study.

"I have devoted my entire life to study and practice the writings of Desert fathers which are much more precious to me then my own life. Your contributions to promote spiritual writings will be remembered by future generations and will be the beginning of new Era Of Spiritual growth on this earth.....Warmest wishes for you with praying heart." - Elyas Patel, Old Testament Ethics Professor

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“Hope you are well. I for one am very happy about the arrival of this book. I have studied ‘The Philokalia’ only after your recommendation and was I glad about that! One of several books by other writers which you have guided me towards, my other personal favorite being ‘A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands’ by A. Farnese. Books that have so much depth you gain more and more understanding on repeated readings (just like your own work of course). And great for reading before sleep. Fascinating to learn about these mysterious spiritual writers and the path they were called to follow. They must have been inspiring people to have encountered. It would be a blessing to have met them in person. Thanks, Marilynn, for this important and unique book.” – Neil Wodicka, Reader, London, UNITED KINGDOM

"Thanks Marilynn for the 'Writers of the Philokalia: An Overview,' I've just finished reading it. It is not only about writers, but so very nice a summary of the Philokalia and for me another reason to read 'The Philokalia' again. Love, Greg" - Jennifer, Reader, UNITED STATES

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"Hello Marilynn. Hope this finds you well. I just wanted to send you and yours peace profound this Holiday season and beyond. The work you are doing here is fantastic. I also wanted to let you know that I read your book 'Bridal Mysticism: An Overview.' I enjoyed it very much. I believe that it is an important work which will inspire the reader to embrace the divine feminine and usher in the shekinah. A profound need in our current age of spiritual expression. Happy holidays. Keep up the good works. Mark” – Mark Certo, The Monroe Institute and the Triad Mind, Atlanta, GA, USA

"What sparked my interest is  how briefly you've explained the sacrament of baptismThank you for the beautiful contributions on baptism. I like your works, lets keep in touch." - Tobias Chipeta,

"I'm from the Philippines, born and raised and of Chinese descent. I've been into the Fatima Message for many years already and reading about the minds of other people with regards to the rituals, practices. I'm most anxious to read your work and I'm sure the Holy Spirit will enlighten me." - Reico Ricochet,

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"Such was the poverty of the liturgy in the local Catholic church that I started attending one of the many Orthodox parishes where I live, and remained. Things have picked up a bit in the local Catholic parish but it is exceptional and it is questionable whether it will survive a change of bishop and the next pope. Oddly, my reasons for remaining in the Orthodox church were nothing much to do with the liturgy. When you come into the church on a Sunday morning there is a little old man cleaning the toilets. The priest." - Henry Law,