Prelude to a Dream: Book 1 of the Mysteries of the Redemption: A Treatise on Out of Body Travel and Mysticism Series - In PRELUDE TO A DREAM, you will explore the nature of Lost Souls, Reincarnation, Karma and Dreams as you venture into the worlds of light to begin understanding the mechanics of creation through the mechanism of Out-of-Body Travel. Along the way, you will gain knowledge about the soul's awakening, entry into co-creation, and the nature of surrender in the spiritual path.

                Each of these books not only gives practical guidance on how to achieve the out-of-body experience, but each volume expands further on achieving higher states and handling the many situations that you come across when traveling out-of-body.

                Join with me as we enter now the Ascension Pathway, Karmic Purification, the Awakening . . .

Prelude to a Dream, By Marilynn Hughes

"The Jedi Librarian has nothing on you - as cool as she is - your trip to the Pleiadian world far surpassed anything George Lucas created . . . and I am feeling the Holy Spirit AGAIN as I was about to mention that I have resumed reading Prelude to a Dream. I can't describe how wonderful it is to read about your experiences... I can't imagine how glorious they were to actually experience.

Each chapter gets progressively deeper and heavier in mystical speak.

When we get to your time with the Pleiadians - OMG - How amazingly beautiful and deeply Soul touching and tear jerking... and I wasn't even there!!!!

A lot of the concepts are probably still over my head, especially towards the end but when you are taken to the Pleiadian planet to be healed... beyond the staggering enormity of that whole experience, for me, emotionally... the synchronicities with my own hopes for knowledge and experiences really put tears in my eyes.

Your entire time with Antoneek is just jaw dropping astounding and Soul touching.

When you arrived the Pleiadian homeward, and you describe the entire sky being filled with the sounds of angelic voices singing... I have prayed so, so, so many times to hear that angelic symphony, from our Sun, from the stars, from the universe and... silence...

What a gloriously divine experience.

I love butterflies. From the time I was a kid, I was fascinated with how caterpillars looked and moved and transformed. As butterflies, their graceful flutter in winds that move them around so easily and they seem to get to where they want to go. They're so beautiful and peaceful and calm. I got to go to a live butterfly exhibit at The Met in NYC. I got to walk through a very large room that was configured to be a huge butterfly greenhouse, so to speak. Hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of butterflies flew around in this very large and tall space and they would land on me and stay on me. Numerous butterflies at the same time, spread across my body, it was soooooooo peaceful and beautiful and loving. What an incredible experience you had with the Pleiadian butterfly and it talked too!

The closing discussion with your personal trainer, when he gives you the silk fiber and tells you that you are transforming into something grander - wow that was a tear jerking moment. .

The joyous dance of Love by the luminescent Pleiadians and how all there is, is "Love, Love, Love"... I used to play that Beatles song and sing it so, so, so many times, thinking how right it was and how sadly, pathetically, we couldn't figure that out.

At times, when I let myself relax with music and nothing else, I will dance by myself around the apartment - silly I suppose by Earth standards, but it's good to know I'd fit in with the Pleiadians - at least on this point.

Oh yes, I will be praying to meet and be tutored by Antoneek. I'm just shaking my head, literally in astonishment, wonder and exhilaration at the blessed experiences you've had.

May your adventures tonight be filled with Love and Light." - John Lyssikatos, New Jersey, USA

"After being consumed in reading 'The Secret Teachings of All Ages,'By Manly P. Hall, and  so much has been going through my mind. And then I came upon this experience in 'Prelude to a Dream' and it was exactly what I needed to hear . . . (see below) It can be so confusing, especially in this day and age reading the sacred texts, and finding out how much of our lives have been secretly impacted by these hidden mysteries throughout the ages. Questions of Christ Jesus and his existence have been flowing through my mind - who He truly was and is. I have to say it has been unsettling, so also with Mother Mary, given all I’ve read. I’m staying open to the flow of the divine in that the answers will be given to me as I fervently seek the truth, and nothing but the truth. I have to have faith that God is guiding me in the right direction, even if it may not be what one may expect. It’s like what you’ve said about giving God free reign to allow His will be done, not our will. I must fully surrender to this divine will, and not knowing so He May fill me with what is needed. 

Transcendence came up in writings for me in the early 90’s. They are coming full circle now that I am back on the path. You are helping me more than you know. I had questions in my spirit that were answered this morning as I was led to read your book. This is a true peace I haven’t felt in weeks in the midst of the storms that have come this month with the nation, friends and my Dad in the hospital, and now requiring more of my attentions. 

Love truly is the answer as it casts out fear. The highest vibration and source of all that is. I needed this, as well as Madame Trinidad, this morning, to bring me back into a heart centered focus in the middle of so much chaos and so many questions. Christ’s words are so clear, and I’ve heard these also spoken into my spirit so many times. They never need to be questioned. It is the still small voice of love lifting me out of the grand illusion of darkness into light.  -  Windsong, Houston, TX, USA

This is the experience to whom Windsong Referred from 'Prelude to a Dream,' The Mysteries of the Redemption':

            Entering into a realm of existence whose beauty was beyond words, the angel who had come for me and I sat atop two large gray rocks atop a hill in an iridescent plain of green grass and trees.  Blue emeralds seemed to dot the sky as stars shot constantly to and fro across the dark sea-colored horizon. Feelings of love rushed through us; a playful, joyful love.  And for a moment, I thought to myself that this place reminded me somewhat of the hill in Galilee where Christ taught.

            Up in the distance, a man wearing a white robe and clutching a tall cane began to approach.  "Oh, my God!" I thought, "Could it be?" Jesus of Nazareth approached as light emanated from every oracle of his bountiful spirit.  Smiling peacefully, he sat on a rock in front of us and began to telepathically convey.

            "My dear child, you asked to be filled with My spirit and I have come to fill you.  I am the pulse of life and love.  All that I Am is all that you can be."  (Christ was not saying that I could be God, like Him, but rather, that the qualities that He personified in His existence as Jesus of Nazareth could be imitated by those of us on the Earth.) Responding, I cried, "I want to be like you, Jesus.  I want to personify love."  Lifting his arms up to the sky, I noticed the intensity of all that he created with a single movement of his arm.  Shooting stars paraded from the sky like a palisade of ice in a winter mountain cathedral.  "What I am is a thought on the canvas of life; I cannot be described in words, but felt through the soul."  Intrigued, I said, "It is hard for me to understand.  I am beginning to truly feel all that you have spoken.  But it confuses me that so many speak your words with little or no feeling.  I feel no understanding coming from them.  Why?" Patiently, he replied, "The words of my incarnation as Jesus of Nazareth are vast and well-spoken among men, but their meaning is felt by only a few who have opened their hearts.  Love is all that I am and everything I will always be, concepts cannot enclose me for I am vast when set free in the heart of man."  Quieting, his light never waned in brilliance.  "How can I become more like you, my Lord?"  I asked.  "Very good, my dear child!" he said, "a true yearning to know the truth.  An open heart will hear the truth in whatever form it comes."  A pause.  "Set out to know me, not as a concept, but as a light within darkness, a touch when you're all alone, a true existence in the realms of consciousness.  I am not dead, for I live in every crevice of every rock, in the rushing water of the streams, and all the pulsating rhythms of life. I am the consciousness of one known as Christ, and I love you greatly.  Hear me call your spirit into service."  "I hear you," I cried in ecstasy, "I want to serve God."  "I know, my dear child, I know.  What I am cannot be expressed through anything but love.  Open your spirit and my spirit will flow ever so gracefully with your own for we are truly one. My guidance will help you in times of confusion."  Reaching out to touch my shoulders, I knew His love was vast enough to encompass every living soul who only so much as asked for his true guidance, not out of fear, but out of love for Him.  His peaceful eyes met mine, and I began to disappear.


Destiny calls the night wind's cause
The birth of wisdom flies in the stars
The name emblazoned, a holy being
My Messiah, you've come again
Flutes fill the spaces deep in my heart
But travelers reckon the pathways to chart
The vision of love, the glory of light
My Messiah, My Lord, I saw you tonight
Embers of knowing and truths of the past
The spirit of love fills lands with its cast
The eyes hold a vision, the seer of thoughts
I call for your wisdom, my Messiah, you're home
A moment is captured, a moment of love
Reuniting, assembling, returning to God
My thanks fill the hour with all that's divine
My Messiah, you've come, you knew it was time

"Jesus said, 'Come to me, for my yoke is easy and my mastery is gentle, and you will find rest for yourselves.' They said to him, 'Tell us who you are so that we may believe in you.'  He said to them, 'You examine the face of heaven and earth, but you have not come to know the one who is in your presence, and you do not know how to examine this moment.'"

The Gospel of Thomas, No. 90-91, (Christianity)