The Road to Armageddon: A Spiritual Documentary

Featuring Marilynn Hughes
(Also Starring Pastor Howard Storm, Imam Dr. Salahuddin M. Muhammad, John Zaffis, Francis X. Clooney, S.J., Rev. Monsignor James P. Moroney, Robert Thurman, Reverend Caroline Stacey, Rabbi Mitchell M. Hurvitz)
Produced and Directed by Charles Facas

Critical Reviews

"Hello Ms. Hughes, Hope you are well. I was searching for Apocalypse movies on Amazon Prime Video and saw "The Road To Armageddon" which I have watched just today. I am speechless! A lot of what you share pretty much is common to most, if not all faith groups and belief systems. To be honest, several of my own experiences which I had been ignoring and disposing off as negligible are in fact thoroughly clarified in this video. I want to profoundly thank you for sharing and teaching all that you do to help all human beings across the wide spectrum of various spiritual, religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds to gain a better understanding of the soul's true purpose on earth.” - 
Mehtab Singh, Sikh, ARABIA

"Very, Very, Well Done! Bravo!!! Music, face shots of speakers are all beautiful as well as the music and pictorial accompaniments... it is outstanding." - Dr. Stephen Royal Jackson, Clinical and Child Psychologist, Former MSNBC Correspondent, Author

“This documentary film lays the groundwork necessary for understanding the concept of evil, as defined by nine professional religious and/or spiritual counselors.

Does evil exist? Personally, I don't just think it does; I know it does. If you have any doubt that evil exists, just consider the intentional killing of our own species in war, murder, and genocide. More precisely, remember the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or the Nazi gas chambers in the Jewish death camps. Humans not only commit evil; we even seek to justify it, by arguing that—for instance—Blacks deserve to be slaves and Native Americans deserve to be exterminated because they are both inferior to whites, or that hate crimes against homeless and other marginalized people are warranted because such people are worth less than the rest of us. Evil is here to stay, and we must learn to live with it. Perhaps this documentary can help us understand how to do so.

The Road to Armageddon begins with mystic and out-of-body traveler Marilynn Hughes relating her personal experiences with evil, including demons. She asks her audience to look beyond the ordinary and realize that there is more out there than we would like to think, mainly because we create our own reality. Hughes indicates that evil is not only outside ourselves, but that we must face our inner demons as well. This inner work is necessary because, in order to achieve the goal of a relationship with God, we must get closer to the divinity within ourselves, which requires changing the way we think. In closing, Hughes relates that a near-death experience taught her that her goal was to move from selfishness to selflessness. 

Next, Pastor Howard Storm reinforces the concept that evil is here and now, and that we are just beginners at understanding how to cope with it. He comments that when we die, we are taken by guides that are either angels or demons, depending on what we carry in our hearts. He recommends building a heart full of love rather than hatred or evil, to keep us close to God. Pastor Storm reflects upon his relationship with God, sharing that God wants him to change the world by really loving someone and witnessing the resulting positive chain reaction.

Columbia University Professor Robert Thurman approaches the problem of evil from a different perspective. He states that it isn’t good enough to speak and behave nicely while keeping what he calls seething minds, for when we die, those seething minds will carry our spiritual selves into seething places that are better avoided. Thurman also comments that minds filled with unconscious negative drives such as greed and hatred will drive people into those bad life forms, suggesting that it is essential to go into the unconscious and cleanse ourselves of ego-centered drives.

Imam Salahuddin Muhammid, speaking for the Islamic Learning Center, emphasizes the importance of purifying our souls because, in essence, they are who we are. He observes that we tend to attach too much importance to how attractive or physically fit we appear, and questions whether we are doing enough inner spiritual growth, such as soul work. This type of inner work helps us eliminate the vices that hold us back from being who we are. Until we change the way we think, our behaviors will remain the same. 

Monsignor James Moroney, of Saint Paul’s Cathedral, brings us more of a traditionally religious stance on evil and how to approach it. He explains that there are myriad angels and demons, light and darkness, that are constantly in competition for our souls. Msgr. Moroney insists that the goal for all of us is to come to God. He concludes by suggesting that the way to get to heaven is to love God, and to love and care for those who are broken. We can do this, the Monsignor adds, by volunteering at our local soup kitchen. 

Demonologist John Zaffis contends that demons were cast out or sent to Earth to wreak havoc on us and our world. Zaffis states that demons try to wear us down and break us with cunning ruses that manipulate us into engaging in negative behavior. He cautions that even the most spiritually aware people are not safe from these demons, and that we must learn to fight back against them with positive energy. 

Harvard University Professor Francis Clooney surmises that it is probably wise to admit that evil does exist, and that people are not always going to be good or do good things. We must realize that the forces of evil are not always visible, he says, and that it doesn’t matter whether or not we label such forces as devils. According to Clooney, there are evils that we cannot see or grasp. We don’t control the evil or the good, but there may be forces around us that can hurt or help us, and we must learn to find our way between them. Clooney further recommends that we learn to be humble before reality, and let go of the things that prevent us from finding peace in our lives. He emphasizes that we are all on a spiritual path.Reverend Caroline Stacey, of the Church of St. Luke in the Field, propounds the religious notion that God’s grace is what brings us into a right relationship with him. She suggests that we can trust that God’s love and mercy will overcome our sinfulness, if only we acknowledge that we need that grace. Stacey also contends that religious people need to learn the deeper truth within scripture rather than get caught up in the details. She recommends asking God what he wants to do through us, and affirms that God is reaching out to us all the time. 

Finally, Temple Shalom Rabbi Mitchell Hurvitz avers that God commands us not necessarily to fix everything, but to keep trying to do so. He suggests that the daily acts we can do to help heal the world are the most worthy, along with adherence to simple guidelines such as loving your neighbor as yourself and expressing love before discussing anything else. Evil is an inexhaustible reality. Its existence in the world can no longer be dismissed, and we must learn to handle it. It might be wise to understand that proclaiming one’s own “God-Almightiness” does not necessarily make one divine, but could on the contrary contribute to another form of evil called arrogance.” - Thomas James Streicher, Ph.D., Founder/Director of Divine Spark, Inc.


"When I first sat down to watch The Road to Armageddon, I had no idea what to expect. Was it an end of the world film? Is Armageddon finally coming as so many have predicted? As a person who has studied the Bible and its revelations, as well as other religious treatise on end of the world prophecies, I looked forward to seeing what this film had to offer. Suffice it to say, I was riveted. No, it was not an end of the world scenario. What was presented was a metaphysical and spiritual work on the potential of each individual soul's personal apocalypse, and how it is directly related to the future of earth.


'The Road to Armageddon' forces people to look at themselves, and examine who they are on the inside. Although we have heard it, know it and have been told by the ancient and spiritual leaders of old, this life is not all there is. This film shows that where we end up after death has everything to do with who we are on the inside and the love we show others. It is a simple message. However, the journey of self-discovery is complicated. It is a journey that can be repeated over and over until we learn the lessons we have come to master here in this world. It is complicated because we attempt to achieve this in a world that has both light and dark forces. The interviewees in the film basically remind us of who we are, which is a part of the divine, and that we have a responsibility to ourselves and to the world to be better, reach higher and stretch ourselves to grow and evolve in love.


The interviewees in the film, who include Marilynn Hughes, (Writer, Publisher on Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism), Howard Storm American author, best known for the book My Descent Into Death) and others, have spent years on their own paths and their spiritual evolution and now encourage others to do the same. They recognize what it takes to exist here, and how to get out of this life as a healthy, happy entity that is able to move on past the negativity of this world. Yes, there is light. Yes, there are angels. Yes, God exists. But that does not guarantee that we will grow and evolve spiritually because the dark side is always there to try to prevent us.


This film is powerful and thought-provoking. I highly recommend it to all people seeking answers to questions related to God, the universe, spirituality, and our eventuality." - Constance Victoria Briggs, Author of 'The Encyclopedia of the Unseen World'·

“STE - Spiritually Transformative Experiences
“The Spiritual Renewal of the Spiritual Mind"
RE "The Road to Armageddon: A Spiritual Documentary"

TOTALLY Excellent documentary and well worth one hour of your time. I continue to watch this and use it as the number video I refer people to when they are interested in their own personal mystical spiritual life (falling in love with God, and pursuing God the Divine Lover) through daily spiritual disciplines that enable you to experience Heaven while you are still living here on Earth... and to daily experience the enmeshing of Heaven and Earth.


NDEr = Near Death Experiencer

That image is the map of spiritual reality according to OBE'r and NDE'r Marilynn Hughes, author and founder of "The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation", and passionate seeker/scholar in spiritual mysticism, the stages in the afterlife (after you cross over, the stages that she says continue on and on).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Marilynn Hughes explains that art image, “The Universal Sphere of Realms”, from the 3 minute to the 5 minute mark in the video.

1. First dimension realm – the black dot in the center – the Hell Realm

2. Second dimension realm – blue ring, surrounding the black dot – the
Purgatory Realm

3. Third dimension realm – light blue – a mortal realm – the Third
Dimension Realm

4. Fourth dimension realm – red color – a mortal realm - the Astral Plain

Marilynn Hughes explains that art image, “The Universal Sphere of Realms”, from the 3 minute to the 5 minute mark in the video.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I notice that people pass through stages after their NDE and stages can take years. Most NDErs seem to move into the heart/emotional stage first and after years, pass into the reflective and more spiritual renewed-mind stage. So, when people pass into the renewed-mind stage, they often have learned to be spiritually grounded though daily disciplined spiritual practices cause the heart/emotional stage is no longer sustaining them, not taking them forward, deeper. This is when they become more reflective and are seeking the "why" and the "how" more than just soaking-up the past spiritual experience. This can appear to be intellectualism, it can appear to be too religious, but it is the spiritual renewal of the mind. Typically, it is a later stage, after the emotional/heart stage and to those not yet at this more advanced stage, it appears to be cold, intellectual, potentially religious, unfree.


This spiritual renewal of the spiritual mind stage becomes "enmeshed" with the heart/emotional stage, and the two "intertwine" and bond. They are not opposites, they are 'partners'.


Notice NDEr Eben Alexander's second book is reflective and turns to science and religion. Is it simply intellectual or is it spiritual reflective and renewal of the mind? His second book is titled: The Map of Heaven: How Science, Religion, and Ordinary People are Proving the Afterlife. (If I were you, I would read his first book, first.)


Notice NDEr Howard Storm, after being an atheist, he turned to getting a graduate degree in seminary and he became an ordained minister, a Christian, in the most liberal of Christian denominations, but it is the renewal of the mind stage. You will hear what he has to say in this documentary.


Notice NDEr Marilynn Hughes, founder of "The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation". She is the author of many books (including downloadable free books). She turned to the world's religions for the reflective renewal of the mind stage. She is the main narrator in the spiritual documentary about our own end, our death, poorly titled "The Road to Armageddon: A Spiritual Documentary". If you can make it through the first 20 minutes, of this awesome spiritual documentary of the stages of the spiritual life, you will hear from two of these NDErs and their renewal of the mind stage. The first 20 minutes are about spiritual warfare and so, perhaps, it is better for you to skip over that first 20 minutes, if you don't have that experience, you might consider it "pious fiction", or might consider those people to be lying. The other option is to consider that many NDErs have experiences of spiritual warfare during and/or after their NDE and you could 'just sit with it', ponder it, hold judgement in suspense.


Many NDErs and many spiritual mystics of the worlds religions tell that the afterlife is not "the top of the mountain", but you continue your climb at the point where you have left-off here.


This spiritual documentary interviews spiritual scholars from all the world's religions, but the two NDErs are given the most "air time".Here are the people that are interviewed in this documentary: Marilynn Hughes - Near Death Experiencer, Mystic, student of world religions, reincarnationist, and now a Catholic Christian Howard Storm - Near Death Experiencer, former Atheist and now a Protestant Christian.


Robert Thurman - Buddhist
Imam Salahuddin Muhammad - Muslim
James Moroney - Catholic Christian
John Zaffis - Demonologist
Francis Clooney - Hindu
Caroline Stacey - Protestant Christian
Mitchell Hurvitz - Jewish

Sincerely, with love,” - Will Degenhard, Spiritual Director, Former Seminarian

“This documentary is very well done based on the actual mystical experience of the Mystic, Marilynn Hughes, and Pastor Howard Storm who was an atheist one time but after his NDE, he entered the seminary, ordained and became a pastor. Marilynn Hughes and Pastor Howard, along with other commentators mixing together through all different but harmonize point of view in regards to soul's purification helps us to understand the importance of ascension to higher realm, closer to God through our hardships, trials and struggles. One must watch this document with open heart and pray to God that understanding of what they are saying will be given. Because in this document, they teach you how to walk safely on the Road to Armageddon.” – Mari Tang, Moderator of ‘The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation,’ Mystic, Hotel Marketing


“We find ourselves amongst a battlefield but most of us don't realise. We are all part of something much bigger than what can be seen from our position in this reality that we call 'life'. Some personal thoughts here... I am a Christian. I believe that God has placed every one of us onto this mortal plane with a mission and a purpose. To live our lives as Jesus did. To grow up. To move towards love and learn to turn away from hate. To evolve. So that God can continue to evolve. To allow this to work, God has given us free will and we make our own decisions and are responsible for the consequences. This also means it is possible to fall into evil and de-evolve. So this is like a school yard, a mortal realm inhabited by over 7 billion immortal fragments of God having a 'physical' experience. Whilst on this earth, aside from another 7 billion or so other conscious 'souls' in physical form, we are surrounded by legions of invisible 'spirits', non physical entities of varying degrees of intelligence and self awareness that cant be seen by us. Good, evil and everything inbetween. Some want to help us to grow and evolve, others are driven to ruin us. They are able to interact with us, influence our thoughts and emotions, which can effect our decisions and actions. When we engage in certain thinking or behaviours we unconsciously invite these 'spirits' around us and give them dominion or 'permission' to do their work. And this is all part of the plan, part of the functioning of this particular mortal realm. To put it simply, it works exactly as it's supposed to. This is just one of many realms or 'frames' of reality. There is an unimaginable number of places where we might find ourselves after we die here. All with different conditions and sets of 'rules' that enable their function. Some could be described as 'Heavenly', some 'Hellish' and others as everything inbetween. At the end of our lives we go to where we are compatable, we dont get to choose. It’s a natural process and we go where we need to in order to continue our evolution. And the opportunity for growth continues, the work goes on. In the afterlife we cannot hide our true nature. Everything is stripped back and we are seen for who we are. Our true loves are revealed to all. Our choices here really do matter and really do have consequences. This is like a small 'package' of experience. Limiting and contained but only a small step on a much longer journey for us all. A journey of purification.


All of the major Religions have written on these subjects and between all of them are connecting themes and threads. It's through studying these that we can see a bigger picture of reality form. A reality that goes beyond Religous beliefs and dogma. This is the only film that I have ever seen that attempts to take that approach. The results are jaw dropping. I can honestly say that I never felt the same about life after I first saw this film. This wonderful documentary brings valuable contributions from experts from various faiths and backgrounds and they all help to make it really special.


Profound, humbling. Highly recommended. Thanks for reading, God Bless. “ –Neil Roberts, Moderator of ‘The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation,’ United Kingdom"

"The Road To Armageddon

This documentary is densely packed with continuous insights on the nature of our existence and our relationship with God.

Here are some of the points that I found to be most salient. 

Mystical experiences are the mechanism by which virtually all religious knowledge and understanding has been brought to humanity. All the prophets and holy people of all the major religious faiths have received their understanding of God’s truths and wisdom, through mystical experiences.

Marilynn Hughes:

The energies are perceived in the Mystical realms as acts that are For or Against Life.

In the Mystical Realm, what you really are is what people see. We have to become more like God in order to go to a higher place. We go to where we are compatible.

The angels told Marilynn, ‘How would you save a world that serves its function to perfection?’ The mortal realms are where the battles between good and evil rage. They rage around you, they rage inside of you. This world is functioning to perfection.”

We need to understand that there is a continual warfare for every soul on the Earth. The battles between Good and Evil are going on not only outside of us, but inside of us as well.

How does one become more spiritually alert? You do what every human being has done from every single world religion:

Prayer – is speaking to God

Meditation – is listening and trying to get that answer

Spiritual Reading – is utilizing the works of all those people who have come before us who have figured it out.

You do the spiritual reading to form your conscience better. The more spiritual reading that you do, the more sensitive you become to what is vice and what is virtue.

Jesus Christ told Marilynn in a near death experience: We are supposed to go from selfishness to selflessness. 

Pastor Howard Storm:

When we die, we have no power to ascend or descend spiritually. Angels or Demons take us to a world that correspond to what we carry in our hearts. If we carry hate in our hearts, we are taken to a world of hate. If we carry love in our hearts, we are carried to a world of love.

What we are doing in this world is building our hearts. We are either building a heart of love or a heart of not love.

Jesus also told him that what you are in your heart is what you are going to seek. If you seek hate, you’ll find hate, and you are hate. If you seek love, you’ll find love, and you’ll be love. If you seek kindness, you’ll find kindness, and you’ll be kindness.

You’re either part of the program or you’re against it. There is no longer an opportunity to sit on the fence, and just watch those who love and those who cause strife. You are either in God’s program of turning the world into a loving and kind place, or you are against the program and there is no in between.

Judgement is a little different than people think. People think of judgement as an external group or individual saying “You’re good” or “You’re bad”. That is not how it works. Our judgement is how are hearts are. When Pastor Storm had his life review, he was judged entirely by the quality of his relationships. Whether his relationships were loving and caring and compassionate and kind, or whether his relationships with other people were him being manipulative and greedy and self-centered." - John Lyssikatos, New Jersey, USA

"Just saw your Armegeddon movie. This was my first contact with you in this lifetime. You are amazing and true." - Treyeshua Tomony, Dallas, TX, USA

"Did I ever tell you that your specific way of laughing is one of the most beautiful and heavenly sounds I have ever heard? Maybe that's way I have watched 'The Road to Armageddon' too many times." - Gustavo Aponte, VENEZUELA

"Hi Marilynn, this is Emmitt Muckles of the Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast. I have to admit I have never been more excited to have a guest on the show until today when I read your email. It was as if your email came at the perfect moment. I visited your website and started watching 'The Road to Armageddon' which only heightened my excitement. Just wanted to say thank you for reaching out and so looking forward to having you as a guest. You can have as much time as you want. Something is telling me this encounter between us is really important." Emmitt Muckles, The Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast

"I've been a meditator off and on since 1981. It wasn't until 1996 that I was properly taught how to meditate by Donna, an Aromatherapist and Energy Healer. While in a meditation group led by Donna's mentor Louise, I had the most powerful experience of my entire life while in the trance state. I had what's called a Theophany, the Burning Bush experience. Wikipedia has a section on Theophanies. Then in 2017, I saw a film called Road to Armageddon that really changed the direction of my Spiritual life. In that film were two people, Howard Storm and a Christian Mystic named Marilynn Hughes . Howard describes his Near Death Experience called an NDE that blew me away because it was similar to my experience back in 1996 and also one I had in 2018. Marilynn described having thousands of Out of Body Experiences called OBE's. Today Marilynn is my Spiritual mentor and friend. I have found so much validation from those two and many others that confirmed that I indeed met the Creator back in 1996 and Yeshua, once in 2018 and then again in 2019 just before covid began." - Elmar Kask, CANADA

"Hey Marilynn. I saw you on the Road to Armageddon documentary and it was very clear from what you are saying that you are aware of a lot of truth and knowledge. It made me feel a lot better about myself because I frequently experience demonic nightmares that terrify me (in one such dream the demon spoke to me in my ear just as i woke up). However I noticed that when I don't focus on spirituality on my daily life I don't experience them, but whenever I do something charitable or ponder on life and meditate the demonic nightmares return with intensity. I hope you don't mind me messaging you, I just feel comfortable keeping in contact with someone that is aware of the mystical realm and well-informed on the forces and energies we are unable to perceive, as it can get very worrying for me sometimes not knowing anyone to seek help from . . . " - Ryan Potter, Portland, OR, USA

"After full 17 months (and once again on a Sunday) I re-watched 'The Road To Armageddon' all over again. It still has such a profound (or should I say purifying) effect!" - Mehtab Singh, Sikh, UK

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John Lyssikatos, New Jersey, NJ, USA  - "I recently discovered you through your documentary, 'The Road to Armageddon'. The work you have been doing is so amazing and important. I listen to your audio CD on your most memorable out of body experiences on a daily basis and have also begun listening to your audio CD for 'Come To Wisdom's Door'. I am so thankful for the sacred prayers that you shared from the various faiths. I read almost all of them each morning and every night. Thank you for the sacred work and service you do for all of us. You are indeed doing God's work."