Selfishness and Self-Will: The Path to Selflessness in World Religions, By Marilynn Hughes

Selfishness and Self-Will: The Path to Selflessness in World ReligionsYears ago, I had met with Christ in a Near Death Experience. He had shared with me the secret to our existence on earth. “It is the goal of human existence,” He had said, “to go from selfishness to selflessness.”

That directive has remained with me since that time and this book is the result of further out-of-body travels wherein He came to me and directed me to gather those sacred texts that show us how to accomplish this vital task of our human existence.

In the texts to follow are the secrets to this marvelous and praiseworthy task. Contained within them are instructions on going from selfishness and self-will to selflessness.

"A couple of hours ago I (unintentionally) described to an old fellow instructor of mine what purpose Jesus had here on this Earth. Interestingly enough it came up how spiritual development is from selfishness to selflessness. All reasons fell into place. I am again reinforced by your words. Love ultimately was, is and will be the only way. You have done your work well to provide explanation and motivation to such solid conviction. You have my prayers and faith.” - Peter Komaromi, Budapest, HUNGARY