Out-of-Body Travel Spiritual Coaching/Counseling/Direction with Marilynn Hughes (Prepaid through Paypal)  $100/per hour

(When you sign up for spiritual direction, please e-mail MarilynnHughes@outofbodytravel.org with contact and availability information.)

Terry Burka, Author, Los Angeles, CA - "Sometimes I am illumined, others I am cloudy. Mostly I am blessed with knowing you. I cannot say what having access to you means to me, Marilynn."

Antonio Herbert, Kissimmee, FL, USA - "It was so amazing listening to you have the exact words to help me out. Something came alive in me after our conversation. This was definitely supposed to happen."

Mari Tang, San Francisco, CA, USA - "My one hour session with Marilynn started off with such an excitement from the day before . . . I couldn't wait to talk to her, knowing my encounter for the first time with Marilynn was in the spiritual world, I could not wait to speak to her in person. Until this service was developed, I would email Marilynn asking her to interpret my experiences in the Mystical, because when I had those experiences, it was impossible to understand the deep meaning behind them. When I did this, she kindly emailed me back with answers, and I was able to comprehend. But when I found this service, I was so excited because now I would be able to ask questions more deeply and in detail, taking time . . . and this was only possible because I was provided with my own time. The session was so meaningful and was just priceless . . . I was able to go into detail with my questions, and I asked for her opinions. She provided me with her insight; and (through her tons of mystical experiences) all these priceless interpretations and suggestions were made to me. After the session, my soul felt energized; my soul had been fed with this holy information I just absorbed from Marilynn. I am so grateful that this service is now available to all of us. I feel no longer alone in this for I have a person to talk to and have understood what I am going through. Thanks be to God who provides this service through Marilynn."

Terry Burka, Los Angeles, CA, USA - "Thank you for your exclusive attention and intervention. It is a gift and blessing to receive your (Marilynn's) attention for so many OBE questions that I accrued over the years. I approached with a laundry list of fears and misconceptions that you easily moved through, both clearly and concisely. I lost an enormous amount of the fear from speaking to you, and from reading several of your books that discuss your vast exposure and competency with energetic worlds. Who has that kind of experience? I’ve never heard of anyone other than you (Marilynn.) I’ve spoken to many spiritual people in the 38 years I’ve practiced TM/Sidhis, read many books, wrote a book, too, but when you spoke, I listened, knowing that I was speaking to an expert. Your loving mannerism, coupled with a strong hand for guidance was invaluable. I am at your feet in gratitude for your’s and God’s love through you. You were able to bring coherence and intervened to unwind irrational fear. With much peace, relief, and encouragement with accepting the potentiality. You rose to the occasion on short notice . . . during the delicate experience of our urgent pleas. You have a lot of class too! Blessings, and Namaste. I highly recommend Marilynn."

Nicole, Washington, DC, USA - "Thank you very much. I also want to tell you how much our conversation helped me. Your guidance and advice really helped redirect my actions and thinking and took some of my pain away. I can't thank you enough."

Michael Elston, Reader, Jacksonville, AL, USA - "I would like to let everyone know that the spiritual counseling I received was remarkable. I learned about things I never would have found out about. The revelations make sense and lines up with all the spiritual experiences I've had in my life. I will do it again in the future and recommend it to anyone looking to find out more about their spiritual walk."

Timothy Finnegan (pseudonym), Working on Masters of Divinity, USA- "Timothy Finnegan (pseudonym). I am a Catholic Christian and I was raised in a family environment of unconditional love. When I was 15, I had a vision, a STE (Spiritually Transformative Experience) and I fell In Love with God, and surrendered my whole person. When I was 16 years old, I had a NDE (Near Death Experience), and I entered a Catholic seminary for undergrad in order to study to become a monk. Being a monk was a desire to pursue my Divine Lover. As I studied theology, philosophy, Jewish and Christian history, scripture, patristics, patrology, Christian mystics, and pastoral studies, I had to try to reconcile my STEs and my NDE with what I was learning in the classroom and in my spiritual reading. I was also involved in various pastoral ministries. I did find my Divine Lover in my heart-mind, prayer and study. However, over time, I struggled with some theological teachings because of my STEs and NDE, that were not about specific theologies. I eventually left the monastic formation program, and I changed denominations, and was on a spiritual quest, all while in graduate school seminary for another denomination. I was In Love with God, but still trying to find a denominational home, while reading the Christian mystics, having more STEs, and I had a dedicated prayer life, including sacraments and liturgy. Eventually, more studies and prayer and paranormal STEs brought me back to being a Catholic Christian. It took 8 years. I then married and have wonderful children. So, the reason why I love talking with Marilynn Hughes is she has been through so many of the same experiences and studies. It is difficult and sometimes career damaging to talk with other professional ministry people about STEs (Spiritually Transformative Experiences) and this is why Marilynn is the right person for me. Marilynn has had many STEs and also a NDE, and she is well experienced with all the studies that I mention above. She understands what it means to be on a spiritual quest, and to find a home as a Catholic Christian, after she had also been on a denominational search. She is a wonderful blessing in my life."

Lillian Vidal, Providence, RI, USA - "I feel a burden has lifted from my chest. My mood has improved a lot since talking to you . . . For the first time in many months, I was able to sleep right through the night without waking up. Emotionally and spiritually, I am making progress. 

My dear Marilynn thank you so much, for your spiritual guidance. It helped me clear the morass in my mind. I feel so much lighter! Even the problem . . . doesn’t seem so big now. Thank you also for sharing a tiny bit of your personal troubles with me. I now feel it’s all part of the human condition which we all have to experience while in this world. I still smile remembering the part about you asking your neighbors for help. You made me laugh so much! That was funny!

Today I began a novena to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal and did as you suggested, asking Her to deliver the graces from her hands, with special emphasis on the undelivered ones. It was a blissful morning…

For tomorrow, I am putting a plan in place to start forming a network of friends I can count on in case of need. The senior center down here is very active and I have neglected visiting it for a long time. So, that’s a start…

Making the mistake of not noticing you were unavailable was my BEST mistake….EVER! My guardian angels probably deserve some credit for that. They kept pestering me to call you and they were right.

Again Mil Gracias, It is my turn to be humbled by your words... you brought tears to my eyes.Thank you, my friend!a Santa-new saint (that’s what the priest call me at the end of Confession,I kinda of like that)


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