The Stairway from Earth to Heaven: Ancient
Sacred Texts

As Outlined by Mystic, Marilynn Hughes

Produced by Brian Mahlum

(Feature Film, Seminar and Udemy Classes)

"Brilliant documentary!!! Brilliant explanations about spiritual life! - Mari Tang, San Francisco, CA, USA

"This documentary is amazing! It is chock full of valuable wisdom that, to me, is priceless. It is your own mystical experiences seamlessly blended with those in the ancient sacred texts, and writings of the Masters, Saints, Sages, Prophets, and Ascetics all rolled into an easy to understand format. I have been thinking of the mind lately and how important it is to transcend it to attain the highest states of consciousness, and when you shared from the Bhagavad Gita and the Disciplinary path, it hit me that is what I have been going through. I so needed to hear that. I have felt so many times that I wasn’t where I should be, but you reaffirm to me that in the teachings and texts I’ve studied of the East and the West, God has divinely been directing me. The texts all lead us home. I thank you so much for sharing this beautiful documentary. And thank you, Brian Mahlum (Producer). Well done! God bless you! "- Ana Yel, Austin, TX, USA