Suffering: The Fruits of Utter Desolation, By Marilynn Hughes

Suffering: The Fruits of Utter Desolation - Ever struggled with the problem of suffering in our lives and in our world? This is a short but powerful dissection of the experience of suffering and the fruits of entering into utter desolation. All of us will go there at some time in our lives, and the experience is so overwhelming we don't have time to read lengthy treatises. This short uplift will take you from utter desolation to peace in minutes as they did for me one solitary night when the Lord came to me in a dream and told me to go write down what He was teaching me by allowing me to experience utter desolation.

"May be your best work so far, certainly among the most important . . . " - John Stone, Author, Dallas, TX, USA

"I am starting to read the book:  Suffering - The Fruits of Utter Desolation...God probably pointed that out to me so I can be uplifted and understand what's going on...very timely...As I read the first few woke me up, just like that...what a perfect timing... God is so great.  And God gives this gift through you...Thank you for writing it and thank you for sharing it... I'll go back to reading..... Love and many graces to you." - Agnes, Reader, Provo, UT, USA

"Last night I felt compelled to read 'Suffering: The Seeds of Utter Desolation'. It's a brutal and truly honest book. Its message really got to me since everything keeps falling apart around me. Thank you for letting me identify what is it I am going through and where it will finally lead to." - Gustavo Aponte, VENEZUELA