The Aspen: Which Grows Upon the Snow-Capped Mountain, An Out-of-Body Travel Book on Infinite Enlightenments - Death as Progression in Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism demonstrated by the continuing cyclic exchange between birth and death and the born and the unborn.  

The final journey can also be one of many out-of-body journeys  embarked upon in this human life. 

After all, It is said that aspen trees cannot grow on the icy mountain peak, because it is stone and the air is so thin . . . so the multitude of aspens (like the multitude of people) grow below the altitude line where the air is thicker and the ground softer (and the training easier). 

But it is only the icy snow capped mountain peak of successful training, although it be made of the stone which continually remains unresponsive to the defiling passions, which allows for the tree to grow upon its rocky face. Although the tree of self still has yet to grow to adulthood only in that it may cut itself down again . . . to be born out of regeneration into the life of the uncreated . . . unborn, yet it continues to do so to reach an infinite number of enlightenments above and beyond that which has come before.

The Aspen: Which Grows Upon the Snow-Capped Mountain, An Out-of-Body Travel Book on the Infinite Enlightenments, By Marilynn Hughes

"The recent book you just put out ('The Aspen: Which Grows Upon the Snow-Capped Mountain - An Out-of-Body Travel Book on the Infinite Enlightenments.' ) is very very verrrry powerful text with a critically mystical key for those who open its pages and meditate on the key words. This one is so important I'm hearing. It is perhaps one of the most critical. Also I am seeing what you were told about reading the other two books before this one in sequence. They form a mystical key, one that will wake me up in a very specific way . . . Thank you for following the Lord's Missions as assigned to you. It helps the rest of us even when it might not be readily apparent." - Antonio Herbert, Lubbock, TX, USA

"Hi Marilynn. I had sent Mari a text the other day and she had asked me if I had read 'The Aspen: Which Grows Upon the Snow-Capped Mountain - An Out-of-Body Travel Book on the Infinite Enlightenments.' She wanted to know what I thought. I started on Thursday. Last night, Friday, I returned to reading it. As soon as I started Chapter Six, 'The Valley of the Shadow,' I began to feel such a powerful mystical joy and sadness at the same time. Tears shed as I read about the 'mystical monastery', how you could decipher the people's sins and your own, how you happily accepted your menial labor and were initiated into their order. I was so overcome with contemplation that I had to stop frequently to pray and ponder. As I was in my own mystical state, I fell asleep and awoke around five AM to complete the book. I also was surprised to read abt St. Charbel. He is one of my favorite saints & there is a 4 X 5 foot painting of him in our adoration chapel at my church. I went to the chapel today just to thank him and of course to visit Jesus. Thank you, my dear friend and mentor, for this book and all the other ones you have blessed us with!" - Jane Maria, Reader, Los Angeles, CA, USA

"One thing that I noticed was that by the time I finished the book, I just wanted everything to be quiet and listen to God. A strong sense of peace overcame me. Realizing that everyone has their own journey, not to judge where anyone is at any particular moment in their evolutionary process, and to focus on our own journey and to help others. I really enjoyed the Mother Angelica quotes. Surprised at how 'Buddhist' like they were. And also saw how the Buddist quotes were so much like Catholic concepts as well. The ending was great with the painting of the Budda and Christ embracing each other. and the Aspen and snow capped mountain analogy with the born and unborn really makes sense, although I know some of it went over my head. Really nice that you can actually read the book in one sitting and then enjoy the effect it has on you. It puts you in a meditative state. A great addition to your ever growing body of works!” - Andrew Hughes, Prishtina, KOSOVO

"I just purchased 'The Aspen: Which Grows Upon the Snow-Capped Mountain - An Out-of-Body Travel Book on the Infinite Enlightenments' on Kindle and posted my five star rating and review on Amazon. Really enjoyed the book. especially the last half . . . one of your best . . . This is a sweet little book for those who want to go all the way with God! Marilynn Hughes's ministry honors all Religions. So this book reflects that. It was like a spiritual tune up for me. As always read this book with the Holy Spirit guiding you. There are lots of secrets there to discover which is normal for all of Marilynn`s books!” - Bill Tuck, Phelan CA, USA

"I have been reading and studying your books following you - series by series. But this is a bit different . . . and I want to mention how we welcome Christ soon (Christmas) and as we end this another year of our spiritual journey. We go through this every year: celebrating Christ's birth, mourn Christ's death and become hopeful to Christ's resurrection . . . so our spiritual never ending journey also follows; fail, repent and rise . . . my own spiritual birth, death, resurrection - year after year, hoping to grow my own tree on the snow capped mountain.

My highest and lowest self need to be united in order for me to keep rising. My lowest and highest self need to dance well to keep moving in an ever-forward direction. And this book reminds me that there is no limit to rising, no limit to moving forward . . . yet within this unending process and movement, we encounter our Lord God. It is a great reminder and message to those who have been reading and studying your books that the path we are taking is an unending spiritual journey into the Lord God.

You mentioned 'In every location, I was given a moment to look at the many different manifestations of Our Blessed Mother as she has appeared in many hues; blues, purples, pinks, yellows . . . and in this process, the energies of the vast frequencies, functions, prayers and intentions would come together like a portrait made out of puzzle pieces both big and small.' So, too, your books do to the souls who come to seek the truth. Each of your books contains the specific energy which needs to be seeded in those who comes to study your books so that they, as well, can someday become a vessel of our Lord. My hope is that many more people will come to seek and find these gems inside your books. Because as we read and study your books, our energies and vibrations shift higher, though unseen to our physical eyes - it is truly happening, slowly but surely. Our constant prayer, obedience and patience is the key. The many things you state and emphasize in this book, this is not the first time you've touched upon them. But as you've been directed to write all these books through your mystical experiences, you've been sending these teachings and messages to us who read and study. But the interesting thing is that each time, those teachings and messages become deeper, thaough it may remain the same concept you are sending, but you take it deeper. I am not sure how to put this into words but it deepens my understanding as I follow your books. I feel like I am climbing the mountain higher and higher as I proceed . . . and I realized that this is really the truth. Because the deeper knowledge of humanity which has been revealed to you by our Lord in your mystical experiences allow us to receive the same kind of energy you've been receiving through them.

We can tell her own mystical experience been shifting to much higher knowledge, deeper . . .and revelations from God himself as you continue to follow her books from the beginning. And each book contains specific energy which travels through to those who read and study; and it brings one to these higher consciousness's.

It is my honor to witness our Lord's holy work manifesting through you and your books and many more to come. God Bless you, Marilynn." - Mari Tang, San Francisco, CA, USA