The Cherubinic Wanderer, By Angelus Silesius

The Cherubinic Wanderer - Angelus Silesius Translated by J.E. Crawford Flitch, 1932

"(This book) was mentioned in a book about the Christian Community Creed by Hans Schroeder." - Elaine Wood,

"What a small world it is after all. I was searching for zahzahot and The Three Splendors, and guess what I found! The amazing book that you compiled "Cherubinic Wanderer" I am so excited to meet a sister in spirit! I should have known from the beginning from your interest in various texts that are no very mainstream or popular. It would be awesome to discuss this book with you. I am completely absorbed in trying to read The Book of Mirrors compiled by Daniel Matt. He mentions the three Splendors hidden in Keter." - Bettina Morello, Torah Scholar,

"Nice to see there are people who publish valuable information about this incredible poem. Being lucky to have been born in Germany allows me to enjoy those verses in the original language, which reveals not only the music of the rhymes (much of which gets lost in translation) but also shows me some double-meaning cleverly hidden once in a while. I spoke the whole poem onto a tape-recorder some thirty years ago and listen to it still today occasionally, with the result that it kind of stays with me inwardly without really 'knowing it all by heart'. Cordial Regards." - Odo Mayer,