The Emissary, By Marilynn Hughes

"Marilynn, I was truly blessed for having read and contemplated "The Solitary". Thank you so much for your 'fiat' to God and letting Him use you the way He does. It is a blessing for all of us that He has graced us with such a mentor, mystic & friend as you . . . I am so astounded at times how He has blessed us! Loved Marilynn's visions.....all of them! can you not be blessed when reading them.

Pg. 71,
'The solitary again turns towards that great light
That has pursued him all of his life
He cannot turn away from it
There is no other choice
The Solitary is now making that final commitment to God
And in so doing, must bend his will to only one aim'....

Pg. 74,
'Yes, Lord, let it be done to me according to Thy will"
And in the doing, the Solitary becomes sanctified
And in the sanctification, the solitary becomes
capable of changing the world
Invisible, Unseen, Unknown

Because, remember
Solitaries do not reside in one world....but many
And in this lies their secret'.....Marilynn Hughes

Off to start reading "The Hammer of Mysticism" many, so little time....but the Lord will provide and bless...." Jane T., Reader, Porter, TX USA

“Oh, it is so beautiful, Marilynn, I just can't wait to read it. And I know that when I read it, I will recieve special grace from our Lord through your work just like all the other books. Thank you and yes, Praise Our Lord who provide this to us all.” - Marite Hoke, Reader, Kobe, Hyogo, JAPAN

"You are so kind Marilynn, your books are a real treasure, it is not enough to read them once, every time your read them, you find new guidelines and explanations for life." - Darja, Reader, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA

"Hey, Congrats on your book release, Marilynn. I dove right into it and it is very beautiful. The text is rich and important so much that at times I feel like one read through isn't gonna be enough. We are extraordinarily proud of the work you have done here with, 'The Solitary.' This prose is rich and often times takes on a fragrant poetic soliloquy. The image on the front page with what appears to be a man with his hair in a ponytail (Jesus)- with an orb of light above his hand, the mountains, and the sky in the back, all set a silent and deep mystical tone totally appropriate for the title. We applaud you on what you have done here and I know the heavens are rejoicing at the consummation of this great text. You are a wonderful being, Marilynn, and have come such a long way on this journey. Be well. In Christ." - Antonio Herbert, Reader, Kissimee, FL, USA

"Marilynn, I am almost done reading "The Emissary." Thank you so much being a beautiful instrument of our Lord and writing this book. I wanted to congratulate you . . . beautiful, beautiful experience, through you. So many souls will be returned to our Lord. Love to you, My teacher and friend, dear Marilynn Hughes!!!" - Mari Lina Manchusen, Sacramento, CA, USA

"I just started to read "The Potentate" and I don't know what to say except I know I found another treasure book. As I read "The Potentate" every night after my prayer, I go into a another meditation state where you learn to listen the silence . . . ." - Mari Tang, San Francisco, CA, USA

The Emissary -  Sister Silence as Sacrament, always be with me. Follow the journey of the mystic and out-of-body traveler as she enters into the confines of silence. For wherein silence lives, transformation illumines and shakes. In the energies of complete stillness, power and evolutionary thrust are born, shed, and alleviated upon the human sentience of mankind. Follow this path and discover the power within the silence, disregard the noise and move forward into the throne room of God which bends, manipulates and orders evolution in every aspect of life through absolute stillness and abiding quiet. Movement occurs only when movement ceases.