The Limb of the Redemption: The Practice, the Play, the Love, the Choice and the People in the Afterlife - Psychic and Out-of-Body States in some Recallment, An Out-of-Body Travel Book on True Resurrection  - contains the journeys of the mystical and out of-body traveler as she confronts the various states of the dead in the afterlife and then presents the manner of assisting them in both the mystical and the physical realms. As we know, many people do not complete their required spiritual work while alive, and those who do may still have purification to undergo in the purgatorial realms. Thus, the limb, the branch of prayer that is held out to those souls who have neglected this duty or have fulfilled it imperfectly and have passed from this world to the next and need assistance. Take the ride.

The Limb of the Redemption: The Practice, the Play, the Love, the Choice and the People in the Afterlife -  Psychic and Out-of-Body States in some Recallment, An Out-of-Body Travel Book on True Resurrection, By Marilynn Hughes

"I think this is a profound book and your best yet although they are all amazing! This is a profound piece of work and quite unique in that it describes the mechanics of the afterlife with a depth of wisdom I have not found elsewhere. The author explains our journey to come in a way which encompases the beliefs of multiple different Religous faiths and somehow ties them all together. As a reader I could feel the natural threads connecting all of them. This book helps me to understand that we are creating our afterlife RIGHT NOW and that we are the architects of our own destiny. As I read I was drawn to intense inner reflection, it is helping me to face some difficult home truths and confront the reality of my own flaws and faults and that's only just the surface. This book also explains how we can best help those who have passed and includes prayers and practices which we can apply in a very practical way. Breathtaking at times, the information in this book just cannot be found anywhere else presented in the manner in which it is explained. If I could choose 2 writers to spend an afternoon with, together in conversation about our journey from this life through to the next it would be Emanuel Swedenborg and Marilynn Hughes. Wonderful book!" - Neil Roberts, Reader, UK

"I am going to read your new book, Marilynn, you are a machine. Who in the world can do what you do, I’m so impressed. You’ve added value to my life. I hope I can do the same for you." - Terry Burka, Author 'Meditation Manual for Seekers,' Los Angeles, CA, USA

"Thank you for the innumerable time and effort and faith for writing this book." - Ann Ngo, Honolulu, HI, USA

"The Limb of the Redemption: An Out-of-Body Travel Book on the Resurrection' - Started last night . . . gotta tell you, very inspiring, wonderful! Thank you, Marilynn, for being here for us in this sea of crap we gotta sort through in such a short period of time. Love, Daniel." - Daniel Delmer, Pittsburg, PA, USA

"This is such a valuable section that goes into so much depth. I’m really trying to take in all the information . . . I’m just going to respond with WOW!" - AnaYal, Austin, TX, USA