The Primordial Seed: The Ancient Mystery Technique of Out-of-Body Experiences and their Emanations Unique amongst Out-of-Body Travel books, The Primordial Seed, traces a long line of mystery from the beginning of time to lay out the most practical, simple and purposeful technique to achieve Out-of-Body Travel and Mystical Experiences understood by man. Enter the mystery, trust the mystery, and partake of it throughout the emanations.

The Primordial Seed: The Ancient Mystery Technique of Out-of-Body Experiences and their Emanations, By Marilynn Hughes

"Just to tell you, I am reading the next book (The Primordial Seed: The Ancient Mystery Technique of Out-of-Body Experiences and their Emanations) and . . . AMAZING . . . even deeper mysteries are being revealed by God and released by you. I am reading 'The Ascension of Enoch' and somehow, in my mind . . . Enoch and you are overlapping. I can't wait to go further. I was hoping to ask you a question . . . but I will maybe talk to you another time because my prayer has been taking a very different shift lately and I would like to know what is going on. But I am finding out bit by bit now with reading 'The Primordial Seed: The Ancient Mystery Technique of Out-of-Body Experiences and their Emanations,' I may have already found the answer to why this has been taking place. The mystical realms work, as always, with your books coming out and my deeper inner questions which have not even surfaced to my mind yet . . . but your books always help me to solve the questions I have to what I have experienced . . . and the timing is just unbelievably exact . . . I am still a bit before the half way through, but so far, it has been just great. It feels like you have collected all these diamonds (mysteries) from the all the books and put it together to simplify it all for us to read; though I feel like so far the sections I have gone through, all these parts from all the different books points out and reveals the 'Power of Prayer, 'Mysteries of Prayer,' and this is especially pointed out because you put these sentences in bold letters. It is beautifully laid out, utilizing so many of these holy books from ages ago. As I read, I really feel like I am walking the path. And as each mystery is read, I feel like I am collecting the diamonds which you placed on the road for me to get to the place where I must go.  

I have been realizing as I read the book of the primordial seed that your own mystical experience is the proof of those mysteries revealed by the ancient holy books. You are the living proof, and the people study your books will see this. I don't know how to put it in my words but it is very mystical way of understanding comes down as I keep reading . . . and this becomes possible within my soul because of me studying your books first and being taken to the next mysteries . . . so . . . you are the key to these highest mysteries. I figured it out. You are the key whom our Lord has bestowed for us for humanity, this is why the experiences you are being granted are very being balanced. It is not just one gift you been given, not only the certain mysteries you are granted - but many - and the highest. God Bless you, Marilynn!" - Mari Tang, Reader, San Francisco, CA, USA (The Next Mystery comes in 'Deus Dominus, Deus Omnibus: The Alchemical and Out-of-Body Travel Secret to the Philosopher’s Stone - God Lord, God All')

"I started reading 'The Primordial Seed' and it is profound, exciting very contemplative, and that is just the first chapter! Your opening poem is very beautiful. Regarding your instruction to "Create armies of good soldiers" - sign me up - really!! Where is the enlistment contract? I am ready for a length of service of eternity. I'm going to need to reread this a few times because is it very deep. I will collect my thoughts. As always, thank you very much for the Divine Service you are providing the Lord and all of us." - John Lyssakitos, New Jersey, NY, USA 

"Hope to read it in five or six years. Your books are so deep and good it takes me at least a year to read one." - Bill Tuck, Reader, Phelan, CA, USA

"It is great to know that trailblazers like Marilynn Hughes exist and that they are willing to share what they know with us during these difficult times. It's been a bit over 2 decades since I became aware of her presence through radio interviews (on Coast To Coast) and later on via a significant amount of appearances on podcasts that focus on spirituality and the paranormal.

She has a remarkable talent for bringing clear understanding upon seemingly obscure areas of sacred knowledge. We all sleep and dream but, after waking up and repeatedly losing ourselves in cycles of survival or dealing with earthly distractions, wondering about the existence of other dimensions seems destined to the category of those things one should learn about "one of these days". She acknowledges other dimensions, practical ways to get there and what truly matters once we connect with them.

Far from discussing out of body experiences as a fleeting, thrilling topic of conversation say, during a Halloween night, the chapters of The Primordial Seed provide luxurious tidbits of information that will naturally come back to the minds of readers whenever they are needed. I was born in South America, a region of the world where most people grow up as Catholics and reading The Holy Bible. I once heard that fully understanding The Bible required the use of spiritual intuition and Divine inspiration. The pages of The Primordial Seed have definitely been inspired by a higher power. While reading it, I felt that intangible magic, what one feels after coming back from having a wonderful dream.

The words written by Ms. Hughes have allowed me to link back with meaningful experiences I have encountered after going through powerful and vivid dreams in the past. Although I am not currently able to separate my spirit from my physical body at will, I am aware that I have participated in something outstanding, something that is way bigger than me and that is very tough to describe using words. I have been lucky enough to remember most things I have dreamed about (some of them linger as a visual memories in the back of my mind). Her books have helped me bring those visions back and to remain linked with the essence of what I have seen and felt while roaming through realities that prove that the world we live in is not all there is to see.

I believe this is a is not a book to be processed linearly, I humbly advise going through it slowly, reading short sections of it at a time and letting its rich meaning seep in through your consciousness. Her website offers books and resources that will help anyone get started with the basics of out of body traveling. Other volumes written by her describe her own experiences on 'the other side' or go deeply into subjects I personally did not suspect existed!" â€“ Gustavo Aponte, VENEZUELA