The Royal Question, Marilynn Hughes

"Possibly the best "How To" climb towards love of God I have studied this lifetime. Not theory. It seems like she speaks from actual step-by-step experience.. I think this work is 578 (Kindle) pages of fire and water. I have not completed it yet, but can say I AM captivated. But unlike other captivities, this one leads to true soul freedom through a deep sense of love. The Work cuts across all religions. All that's necessary is a soul. If you purchase this, I recommend you make it a slow, quiet study, rather than a quick read-through." - Dennis, Vermont, USA

"Your work IS beyond my words to describe. Every single time, any of your books I own, touches my soul and speaks to me. I am so fortunate to be here on earth at the same time as you are. So I pray . . . I pray that all will take a book written by you someday while they are here on earth and begin their journey. And when they do they will for the first time see and realize that they all had it from the beginning. It was all mapped out for them . . . by you. Your books to me are very Holy and sacred . . . no difference, no difference from all the Holy Saints writing. It is the Truth we must all know." Mari Tang, San Francisco, CA, USA

"I'm so happy that you have completed this trilogy, Marilynn. I love all of your work, you know that. But this is a very special series. It helps even someone like me, who's just beginning, taking baby steps and only getting glimpses into my own mystical experiences. Helps to understand where we are, why we find ourselves in this condition, what changes are beginning to occur within and why, what we might expect to happen next and what we need to know and actually do to begin to work our way back to the Holy and pure state which we once were, many aeons ago. I love how deep it is. Can't wait to read it. And thank you for working so hard on these books. Lots of Love." - Neil Wodicka, Reader, UNITED KINGDOM

"I had not cracked "The Mystical Captive Series" since before we moved. Opened it again last night. I find I am putting a tab on about every 10th page for something that resonates directly. My wife commented "you must really like her writing....' Yep..... On understanding the nature of divine, deep union.....did you ever see the movie "Patton?" The about the North African Campaign Battle of El Guettar, where George C. Scott's Patton character, on winning the battle, exults 'Rommel, you magnificent bastard, I read your book!' . . . Marilynn, you beautiful soul, I read your book.... ;)" - Ares Koumis, Retired General U.S. Air Force, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

"I have almost read through the first volume of your latest work and couldn't wait until the end to send you something. I'll start by saying Thanks straight away! This is an astonishing and inspiring read. Everything here connects with me in a big way. The manner in which you have articulated 'the battle of all mystics, that of sensuality' is truly ground breaking in my opinion. I've mulled over the mystery of this so many times, whilst the understanding of it which although was kind of in place behind the scenes, was hiding behind emotions and rational thinking, so I was incapable of making sense of it. I am only beginning to make sense of this area. But here you have given me much to meditate on. And this is an aspect which maybe can only be truly opened up from a silent, meditative place, whilst the emotions are calmed and rationalizing stops. Which makes it all the more remarkable that you have happened to communicate this in such a straightforward and simple manner. So yes, this is an area that has been a source of confusion and yet I have not come across in any book before, and you have helped me to unlock a door here which will hopefully lead to a greater understanding. As I read the chapter 'So The Demons Roar' I found myself moved to tears. That's me. That's what has been happening to me. You have already shared some of the words from this with me when I have previously contacted you about the nightmares. I got shivers down my spine when I again read the words 'Never touch anything, Never move slow, Run through always and keep the door closed'. Your words on this subject are and have been profoundly helpful and are a source of comfort for me. I have experienced all of what you write of here. I have felt that I have done something terribly wrong which made these terrors suddenly come upon me like a curse. I have felt shame at my profoundly poor judgment in the dream reality. I have woken up both terrified and furious at my lack of alertness when I realize that I have been fooled by demons. Isn't it so cowardly of them to make their most significant moves against us whilst we are resting and our defenses are penetrable? If they were to come whilst I was awake I would see through them in a moment, but they go to the effort of building a scenario of complex detail to trap us at our most vulnerable! I pray to God every night to keep me on alert to their schemes; I pray that I will not sleepwalk into danger. And as you have written I have had nights which consist of nothing but relentless horror, intimidation and fear with not much memory of the specifics. And so I have then asked myself, how can it be that I am going through these nights for the first time in my life but it coincides with me seeking a purification and actively making positive changes to thoughts and behaviors? How does the one extreme relate to the other? Without your words on this I would truly be lost and might even have been scared off by now and abandoned this search for purification just through fear. So I reserve my biggest thanks for that. I look forward to reading the rest, and then reading it again! God bless you Marilynn Hughes. Love, Neil."- Neil Roberts, READER, London, ENGLAND

"Almost all sentences contain layers of info that need to be absorbed slowly, in meditation, reflectivity." - Bill, Reader, Vinton, VA, USA

"Hi Marilynn, I want to thank you and congratulate you on this book. This is turning out to be a remarkable series of books. I think it's important because there just aren't any books out there that cover Mystical Theology in this kind of detail, at least not newly or recently published ones. So this makes it a very special and quite unique series of books that you have given us.

The section covering the Garden of Eden and the original fall was amazing. It is so hard to even comprehend just what our original nature of true love could have been like. And yet, when I read about this, I got goosebumps and I immediately thought that we all must have buried deeply somewhere within our soul a memory of this, and it at least explains that sense of loss, that knowing of something fundamental that's missing whilst we are on this earth. After all, why else would we feel that way? And that then perhaps explains our individual longing for love, to love and to be loved completely and unconditionally. Because it's actually what we were. And even though I can't hope to really know what that nature of true love feels like when experienced as it once was, and as we were intended to experience it, it makes complete logical sense that what we experience here and see around us is Satan's horrific degrading of this pure state. And so we can begin to make sense of it all, what we are left with here. And we get a taste of that pure state sometimes in mystical states, or in moments with another person (if we are lucky), and even that is so far removed from what it really should be. You wrote "The masterful hand of God has shown me that even amidst this fallen world, the primordial perfection can be seen, felt, tasted and heard". When I read about this, it just resonated on a deep level. It makes perfect sense and feels right. This is perhaps the deepest subject I can imagine writing about or discussing, not a subject that is easy to articulate, and I've never read about it anywhere else other than in these two books.

Sometimes we can find ourselves on a very lonely stretch of path. We can feel lost, isolated and alone. And although we are on an important part of the journey, it can actually feel like we are going nowhere, or have taken a wrong turn and are heading backwards. How can we be for a time so spiritually satisfied and experience enlightening mystical visions and experience such satisfaction from prayer and enjoy deep and peaceful meditations. And then without warning and for no apparent reason we can be thrust into a spiritual dryness, with an inability to pray or meditate, and then watch as our waking lives descend into chaos for all kinds of reasons. We wonder if we are under attack from the forces of darkness. The depression follows because we know what we are missing and cannot understand what's blocking our connection with God, or understand why it's happened. We ask how we can have suffered such a setback, without even falling into serious sin. In fact we have repented our most serious sins and have even began to resist our primary sin or sins consistently even in the subconscious states. We get to a place where we have a complete aversion to those sins, although the temptations never cease. But no reward comes from these efforts, instead we become more aware of just how low we really are and that everything we do is selfish. I've even had thoughts that my spiritual journey is just a result of selfishness, just trying to protect my neck, save my pathetic self from damnation. A voice tells us that we were never even close to God in the first place, but that it was our imagination. So we end up caught between two worlds but participating in neither. Isolated from God, but unable to enjoy the pleasures of the world, because we now have an understanding of their temporal nature, and we have seen with our own eyes how demons will try anything to draw us back into sin and worldly things. So we know that that is the end of that way of life for us, we've had the confirmation of where that will lead us to after death, so no going back. Yet no doors open for us to run into, and in fact we appear to be in a more sorrowful state than we ever were.

Mercifully, all of the above is actually described in this book, including what we might expect to happen next. And also a lot more than this. So, I simply can't praise it enough. This is the kind of information which can make all the difference and get us right back on track. Marilynn, yet again... Thank you. This book is a gem. This is a book and series which I will be recommending to others, and I know that I will be revisiting it again and again in the years ahead." - Neil Wodicka, Reader, London, UK

"I think I know now what I am going through . . . I looked more deeply where that feeling was coming from at that time of desolation. After awhile, I just kept praying and I was just feeling my emotion, examining where this just poured out from. Before I went to bed, I looked at my bookshelf and just took a book from the shelf. It felt like the right one, so I took it and started re-reading it. The answers I seemed to be looking for were all there and I know I will find more as I re-read this time of my juncture. The book is called "The Mystical Captive Series" written by you. Thank you so much! I am always directed back to your book when these struggles happen." - Mari Tang, San Francisco, CA, USA

The Royal Question - What is the Royal Question if not the final and most important question we must all ask about our lives here upon the earth? In the third and final book of ‘The Mystical Captive’ Series, we have traveled from the primordial Garden of Eden to the now fallen world of our mothers, our fathers, ourselves. Now that we understand that which we have lost, is it possible for it to be restored, renewed? How can such a thing be done in a fallen world? Through the great sacrifice of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

But yet, this, too, is much too simplistic. You must understand the question. You must then understand the mechanism. You must then understand the renewal. Whence the Royal Question is answered properly by the soul, they are now fit to enter into the Royal Family of God shared by the Prophets, Mystics, Sages, Seers and Ascetics of all ages and of all religions. Hope remains despite the fall of man, but we must seek it.