The Shining Ocean: The Primordial Substance of Out-of-Body Travel - Where have you been? To where do you go? Come with me, allow me to take you on an out-of-body travel journey into the deepest recesses of human consciousness and religious thought. This out-of-body travel journey is not meant to be simple, nor is it meant to be quick . . . it is meant to be savoured. It is a distant and remote journey to the deepest recesses of the heart of God which can only be known through the mightiest of mystical experience.

It is okay if you feel moved to flip through the pages and try to get a feel for the out-of-body adventure to come ahead of time, but I ask that after you have done this, that you make a resolved effort to bring your spirit forward and gather it unto itself. For this out-of-body travel journey requires much of you, and it will not relent its seeking. Come . . .

The Shining Ocean: The Primordial Substance of Out-of-Body Travel, By Marilynn Hughes

"Hi Marilynn! Hope you are well. I'm reading The Shining Ocean, I can't believe I missed it's release. Just wanted to say I'm really enjoying it and getting so much strength from it as I fight my own battles which are pretty intense right now but by Gods grace I'm moving forwards again, not backwards. I hope you can say a prayer for me to keep my momentum. I'm ready to get my full armour back on and fight the good fight with added strength. I have a new puppy called Chester, he's a boxer (I sadly lost my old boy at christmas). Here he is desperate for a taste of a human cookie. Just wanted to say Hi and thanks for this book!"- Neil Roberts, Reader, London, ENGLAND

"I've finally read through 'The Shining Ocean: A Treatise on the Primordial Substance of Out-of-Body Travel'. I was able to read smoothly as I usually do when I read your books until I hit chapter Seven. Chapter One through Six was just beautiful and came down into my soul. But this book was a bit different than other books you have been writing. I could really feel that you have been brought into much deeper level . . . passing through the stage of Bridal Mysticism and much further and deeper into revealing more of mysteries as the human have never been allowed to know up until you came on this earth. Surely you are very special soul existing on this Earth and hold very special place in Our Lord. From chapter One through chapter Six, I was able to experience, learn, and contemplate following your book - Vision, Teaching and Prayer. It was beautiful as usual, Marilynn. My weak point for on this book and I should say more require of me studying lies in the Chapter Seven. It was hard for me to grasp the content. I can tell you I would not even take on the book by 'Fr. Augustin Poulain, S.J' if not (as extensively abridged) in 'The Shining Ocean'. You mentioned before the he is very detailed...I can tell it is extremely detailed and that detailedness was the one it confused me. I think I need to advance more to understand this kind of writing and thought, though roughly I grasped the content . . . but not fully for sure. His writing is very very theological . . . but I feel extremely lucky to have this very spiritually educational book 'The Shining Ocean', which includes the (abridged) writing of Fr. Augustin Poulain which you have beautifully simplified for us to read. I shall come back again in the near future to read Chapter Seven over for further study. But for now, I am moving forward to ''The Primordial Seed: The Ancient Mystery Technique of Out-of-Body Experiences and their Emanations” and can't wait to see what it has in store for me. God Bless." - Mari Tang, Reader, San Francisco, CA, USA

"Taking my time and really enjoying it. It puts you in a great state of peace. It feels like the words are getting you ready for something much more profound. I really like it! Please don't change anything." - Andrew Hughes, Pristina, KOSOVO

"Another well written book by Marilynn Hughes . . . a look behind the scenes as to what is taking place between the dark side and the light and God's kingdom plus many good quotes from long gone writings (the quotes will lead you to some great reads). You have to be interested in Catholic Mysticism and the worlds of darkness and light. Deeply spiritual . . . It's not 'The Mysteries of the Redemption: A Treatise on Out-of-Body Travel and Mysticism' and your older books which are for everyone! But 'The Shining Ocean: A Treatise on the Primordial Substance of Out-of-Body Travel' and the newer ones are for those going deeper, for a special group. A very important book . . . (but) not for everyone!" - Bill Tuck, Phelan, CA USA

"'The Shining Ocean: A Treatise on the Primordial Substance of Out-of-Body Travel' is the best compilation of its kind I've ever seen. I want you to know that I appreciate your efforts and your hard work and your courage and insights."  - Terry Burka, Los Angeles, CA USA

"I loved it when you said this on the Universal Consciousness show about your book 'The Shining Ocean: The Primordial Substance of Out-of-Body Travel'. 'When a seed is planted in that ground and you have that in the first and second realm and this is where the soul is in darkness and that soul keeps generating its darkness, but its trying to sprout but it can't because it doesn't understand that in order for a seed to sprout, it needs the water, it needs the light and it won't accept the water and the light so what happens is that the seed cannot birth new life. That is what we must understand about how energy and how evolution occurs within each and every one of our souls that we must follow the actual processes that birth new life because those are the things which will propel our spirits further into the light and into the shining ocean'"  Anonymous