Touched by the Nails: (Watch and Wait) A Karmic Journey Revealed  -  Finally, a road map for those of us (which means all of us) who remain stationed to this mortal realm we call Earth because of unidentified, unrecognized or improperly handled karmic liaisons.

                How do you determine which path in your life is merely a karmic one . . . or one of a higher eternal nature? What do you do when powerful feelings emerge within you and you don't know how to properly respond? What if what you believe you want at some point of your earthly journey, aren't what you believe God probably wants for you? Yet, what if you still continue to struggle with the powerful emotions that both karmic and eternal programs can create and sustain.

                'Touched by the Nails: Watch and Wait' is an allegorical (but true) tale expanding on the last four moments of Christ's death on the cross. This allegory is spoken in mystical language, the language of a seer. But the reader is asked to seek the knowledge by understanding this: The last four moments of Christ's death on the cross are provided to us as a symbol and a reality of each of our own last four moments (transitions, stages, purifications) that must be traveled before a true and complete death of karma can take place. As Jesus lay dying on the cross, he was dying for sin. And each of us, must too, die to sin and thus to karma. So look to the cross, and begin to learn the language of the mystical realm from whence this unusual vigil will take place. By doing so, you will open your eyes to the knowledge contained within it.

                Open your heart to know.

Touched by the Nails: (Watch and Wait) A Karmic Journey Revealed, By Marilynn Hughes

"This book will bring you to the journey which author took in mystical experiences. Each of her experiences  are beautifully described as the fifteen stations of the cross. If you want to know and gain knowledge about mystical experiences, there is no better person to ask than the one who actually experience it. This book can help you to know about this author's personal experience and she will bring you to the journey of the Mystical." - MT, Verified Amazon Purchase

"This is A Deeply Spiritual Book loaded with secrets and mysteries of the spiritual life. If you want to help others, yes, even people who need help with sexual problems; this book will help you to help others or at least be able to understand them. Very close to one of my favorite books by Marilynn." - William Tuck, Jr., Confirmed Amazon Purchase